El Paso Property Values Grow 5% – May 2024 Report

El Paso’s real estate market has seen a steady growth with an increase in average property values of 5.4% in less than a year.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMay 10, 2024

The real estate landscape in El Paso, Texas, reflects a positive trajectory with average property values experiencing a steady climb from $265,559 in May 2023 to nearly $279,974 by April 2024. This marks a growth of about 5.4% within the span of just under a year. A closer inspection of the monthly increments reveals that this rise is not a sudden spike but a consistent upward movement, suggestive of sustained demand and a robust market environment in El Paso.

Housing Market Summary for El Paso, TX

May 2023 April 2024 Change
Median Listing Price $265.6K $230.6K -13.16%
Median Sold Price $219.8K $230.6K 4.91%
Homes For Sale 1,363 1,632 19.74%
Homes Sold 5,093 5,305 4.16%

It’s worth noting that El Paso’s growth stands as a testament to its resilience and attractiveness to homebuyers and investors. In comparison, values per square foot—a key indicator of market temperature—have remained stable, edging up from $142 to $151 over the same period, which signifies a 6.3% increase.

The market’s health is further evidenced by trends in sale prices. Properties have been selling for an average price of around $230,625, with the sale price per square foot resting at approximately $149. This correlation between the increase in average value and sale price underscores a buyer’s willingness to invest in El Paso’s real estate, with the understanding that property equity is likely to continue its growth.

Fluctuations in Sales and Listings: A Closer Look at the Numbers

While the trajectory for property values and sale prices indicate a healthy market, the number of properties listed and sold demonstrates a degree of variability. The peak sale month, August 2023, saw an impressive 5,873 properties changing hands, yet the starting point in May 2023 reported fewer transactions at 5,093. This flux does not point to a clear trend, but rather suggests the real estate market in El Paso is subject to the typical ebb and flow influenced by various economic and seasonal factors.

In April 2024, there were 1,632 properties on the market and 5,305 sales were completed. An analysis of these figures indicates a buoyant market, with a significant number of transactions completed despite the smaller pool of listings. This could potentially point to a competitive market, where buyers are active and properties are selling at a healthy rate. However, it is also important to consider external factors such as economic conditions and interest rates which can affect financial calculations for both buyers and sellers, influencing the volume of transactions at any given time.

Comparative Analysis: El Paso Versus Nearby Cities

Zip Median Est. Value Zip Median Est. Value

$ 285,950

$ 155/sqft


$ 174,613

$ 122/sqft


$ 284,456

$ 151/sqft


$ 171,763

$ 128/sqft


$ 398,500

$ 170/sqft


$ 262,425

$ 146/sqft


$ 244,075

$ 150/sqft


$ 220,863

$ 142/sqft


$ 400,000

$ 181/sqft


$ 191,560

$ 139/sqft


$ 210,000

$ 134/sqft


$ 161,700

$ 110/sqft


$ 229,015

$ 145/sqft


$ 641,954

$ 199/sqft


$ 254,799

$ 146/sqft


$ 169,050

$ 106/sqft

When setting El Paso’s market data against that of nearby cities, we notice that El Paso holds a higher average value and price per square foot than its neighbors in April 2024. For instance, Clint, TX, with an average value of $190,000 and value per square foot of $121, exhibits less expensive real estate options. Meanwhile, San Elizario, with properties averaging a value of $175,000 and $132 per square foot, ranks lower in value and slightly higher in value per square foot than Clint.

Tornillo presents an interesting case, with a high average value of $255,000 but a lower value per square foot of $124, possibly suggesting larger properties at competitive prices. Canutillo edges out over El Paso with an average value of $289,000, albeit with a lower value per square foot of $107, which could indicate more spacious properties relative to price.

These figures not only highlight the variability in real estate prices within the region but also suggest that El Paso’s market might offer a promising mix of property sizes and value, with a greater opportunity for property appreciation. Ultimately, this insight is critical for potential homebuyers or investors when considering where to allocate their real estate investments in the region.

Each city’s market has its nuances, and these need to be taken into account alongside broad trends to make informed decisions in real estate. For those betting on growth, El Paso’s consistent upward trajectory in property values can be quite compelling.

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