Fluctuating Property Values and Sales Volumes Shape Laredo Real Estate Landscape in 2023

The real estate market in Laredo, Texas, was going up and down last year with fluctuating property values, sale prices, and transaction volumes.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMar 26, 2024

Overview of the Laredo, Texas Real Estate Market

The Laredo real estate market has been experiencing an intriguing dynamism that reflects the ever-changing nature of property transactions. One of the most noteworthy patterns is the considerable fluctuation in property values and the cost per square foot over several months. For instance, we observed the average property value in Laredo reaching its zenith in December 2023 with properties valued at approximately $299,000. In contrast, property values dipped to their lowest in May of the same year, standing at around $250,000. Additionally, the per square foot cost escalated to a high of $145 in July before descending to a mere $131 in May.

Real Estate Market Report Laredo March 2024 - House Prices
Real Estate Market Report Laredo March 2024 – House Prices

At the same time, we’ve seen variability in the sale prices in Laredo. A particularly striking drop in the average sale price from $232,314 in September 2023 to just $113,831 in December 2023 stands out. Interestingly, this drop came at a time when the average value of properties was on the rise, signaling a market condition that could be favoring buyers, or indicative of variances in the types of properties sold during these periods.

The volume of property transactions also tells a story of market ebbs and flows. From March 2023, property sales rose steadily, peaking in October with 1,400 properties sold. This crescendo was followed by diminishing sales, carving a nadir in February 2024 with only 1,144 properties sold.

Considering these observations, real estate stakeholders in Laredo should be aware that although property values seem to reach higher points towards the end of the year, the actual sale prices and volume could paint a different picture of the market.

Comparative Real Estate Trends in Nearby Cities

Freer, Texas notably presents a stable average property value at $93,000 through numerous months with an unexpected surge in the average sale price to $147,616 in November 2023. After this peak, however, a notable decline was recorded in the average sale price per square foot, plummeting to between $28 and $39 in the subsequent months.

In contrast, Catarina and Cotulla, Texas, exhibit a distinct lack of market activity, marked by zero properties sold over several months. This starkly contrasts with the market in Laredo and to some extent even Freer, and may point to a variety of factors including economic conditions, desirability, or possibly even recording errors in sales data.

Zapata, Texas, meanwhile, presents a rollercoaster of values. Its average property value dipped drastically from $190,000 in November 2023 to $59,900 by June of the same year. However, by February 2024, a revitalization of the market is detected as values climb back up to $159,900. A similar pattern is noticed in sale price per square foot, oscillating from a high of $93 in January 2024 to a low of $56 in September 2023.

Lastly, Hebbronville stands as an enigma with a complete absence of sales data, indicating an inactive market or a dearth in data availability, both of which can have implications for potential investors or residents looking into this area.

These neighboring cities to Laredo reflect a clear variety in market activity and stability, highlighting the diverseness of real estate trends even within a relatively condensed geographic space.

Current Market Values and Volumes in Laredo and Surrounds

Focusing on the figures for February 2024, Laredo’s real estate market presents a solid average property value of $294,900 coupled with a per square foot cost of $139. With 97 properties on the market and an average sale price of $163,251, this marks a value decrease compared to the month before. The average sale price per square foot records at $111, and the property sold count numbers at 1,144.

Comparatively, Laredo’s performance in January 2024 featured an average property value of $279,000, a per square foot cost of $138 with 115 properties recorded. The average sale price stood at $149,008, and the average sale price per square foot at $97, with property sold count at 1,195.

Meanwhile, in Freer, the average property value in February 2024 remained stable at $93,000, with a per square foot value listed at $71. With only two properties and three sales recorded, the average sale price stood at $47,829 with an average sale price per square foot of $28.

In the less active markets of Catarina and Cotulla, the average values were listed at $80,000 and $162,500 respectively, but with no recorded sales, thereby leaving a noticeable void in market activity. Zapata observed a rebound in property values up to $159,900 with a per square foot cost of $16 – a notable discrepancy when considering the market’s rollercoaster. The average sale price registered at $147,728 and the average sale price per square foot at $91, from a total of 50 properties sold.

These present-day metrics provide crucial insights into the local real estate markets, offering key data points that stakeholders in Laredo and the neighboring towns can use to navigate the current landscape. The disparity between average property values and actual sale prices, along with the fluctuation in sales volumes, should guide sellers, buyers, and investors in crafting their strategies and expectations as they engage with the market.

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