Overview of Chula Vista Real Estate Market Trends, Feb 2024

The Chula Vista real estate market, in Southern California, displays steady growth with a median transaction value of $750,000 over the past six months, with nuanced fluctuations throughout the year.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezFeb 26, 2024

Chula Vista, a vibrant city in the heart of Southern California, exhibits a dynamic real estate market that reflects both the growth and desirability of the area. An analysis of recent data showcases a few key trends shaping the housing landscape. Over the past six months, the median transaction value in Chula Vista stands at a robust $750,000, with a slight dip noticed over a 12-month window, pegging median values at $730,250. These figures suggest a steady market that maintains appealing value for homeowners and investors alike.

Chula Vista vs San Diego County 2024
Chula Vista vs San Diego County 2024

Delving deeper, we see that the median value per square foot—a key indicator of property desirability—holds steady around $460 in Chula Vista. This suggests a consistent appeal in the city’s real estate market, grounded by a solid foundation of property worth.

Month-over-month, sold prices have fluctuated. October 2023 marked a peak with an average sold price hitting approximately $835,000, contrasting with a low point in March 2023, where average prices dipped to around $780,000. These fluctuations highlight the ebb and flow typical in real estate, influenced by factors such as economic conditions, interest rates, and seasonality.

The yearly journey from a value per square foot of $419 to $436 further underscores a gradual appreciation in Chula Vista’s real estate, hinting at a long-term upward valuation trend. For prospective buyers and sellers, this demonstrates the importance of market timing and the potential gains from strategic transaction planning.

Comparative Analysis with Nearby Cities

Chula Vista does not stand in isolation but is part of a regional ecosystem. Bonita, a neighboring city, displayed significantly higher average values, cresting at $1.2 million in December 2023, surpassing Chula Vista’s averages. Conversely, Spring Valley shows lower average values, yet its properties seem to command higher sold prices than anticipated. This peculiarity might be attributed to varying market demand or property characteristics that drive prices above average values.

Bonita House Prices 2024
Bonita House Prices 2024

Foreclosure Market Insights

The local foreclosure segment in Chula Vista offers alternative opportunities and insights into market health. With 54 foreclosures in Chula Vista holding a median value of approximately $729,000, we notice a slight underpinning compared to the broader active market. Interestingly, auctioned properties in Chula Vista tend to present higher median values, around $813,250, potentially indicating a market segment with properties that are more appealing or in superior condition.

Market Movement and Recent Sales Data

The active market in Chula Vista demonstrates a median value of about $799,000, which exceeds the median transactional benchmarks over both the past six and twelve months. This is further supported by recent sales, showcasing median values around $805,000, flagging a potentially ascending trend in property values. For market observers, this could be a signal of a robust demand driving up property valuations.

Submarket Examination

Geographically, Chula Vista’s diverse submarkets exhibit significant variations in list and sales prices. The 91914 ZIP code holds the crown with the highest median list price at $1.25 million, signaling a premium submarket within the city. Conversely, the 91911 area offers more affordable options with a median list price near $669,000. For sales, the disparities continue: 91914 maintains its lead with median sales prices around $1,015,000, while 91911’s sales prices are a modest $680,000. This data highlights the rich tapestry of Chula Vista’s housing market and the importance of location, local amenities, and property characteristics in shaping housing values.

In summary, the Chula Vista real estate market is a complex and evolving entity that beckons to both buyers and sellers with its varying trends and opportunities. With calculated timing and understanding of specific trends, stakeholders can navigate this market to find value and potential growth within Southern California’s broader property landscape.

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