Stockton Housing Market Comparably Affordable Amid Rising California Prices – January 2024 Report

A comprehensive analysis of Stockton’s real estate market reveals affordable pricing compared to neighboring cities, with avg home values of $430,000, and a stable $264/sq ft. value.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezFeb 27, 2024

The real estate market in Stockton, California, is painting a mixed picture, with a clear sign of the accessible pricing the city offers compared to its surrounding areas. For those considering buying or selling in the region, the numbers offer compelling insights. The median value for active listings sits comfortably at around $430,000, with a value per square foot averaging $264. This represents a healthy market where property values have remained robust. In comparison, recently sold properties fetch a median price tag slightly lower, hovering around $423,000, suggesting a slight adjustment when deals are closed.

House prices in Stockton CA
House prices in Stockton CA

Foreclosure properties, often seen as opportunities for investors or home-buyers looking for a bargain, show a median value at $408,000, whereas pre-foreclosure properties stand a bit higher at roughly $417,000. Stockton auctioned properties compare closely with active listings at about $421,000, indicating competitive bidding processes. It’s worth noting that bank-owned properties have the smallest median value at approximately $380,000, potentially reflecting more significant discounts for these types of acquisitions.

Comparing Stockton to Nearby Cities

Stepping outside of Stockton, the contrasts in the housing market become evident:

  • Lathrop, for instance, boasts a significantly higher median value of around $763,000, coupled with a higher price per square foot at nearly $292. This sharp increase from Stockton’s figures might reflect differences in community amenities, newness of housing stock, or simply the market’s perception of value.
  • Discovery Bay amplifies this trend, with January 2024 figures indicating an even steeper median value of about $1,060,000 and a premium price per square foot at $367. This suggests a luxury market segment where spacious and exclusive properties can command a sizeable sum.

Trends Over Time in Stockton

A closer look at month-over-month analytics within Stockton reveals a cooling trend; the average sold price has seen a slight but consistent dip from approximately $450,000 in September 2023 to around $412,000 in January 2024. This trajectory might be indicative of a broader market adjustment or a seasonal ebb that traditionally sees quieter winter months.

Stockton CA Homes For Sale
Stockton CA Homes For Sale

Despite this, the value per square foot has remained stable, suggesting that while overall prices are seeing some contraction, buyers are still willing to pay a consistent rate for the actual living space. Furthermore, the average value on the market follows the sold price trend, decreasing from about $450,000 in September 2023 to approximately $394,000 come January 2024—a downturn echoing the general market sentiment.

Zip Code Variances within Stockton

Drilling down further to the zip code level within Stockton provides an understanding of localized market disparities. Zip code 95212 emerges as the more high-end sector, boasting the highest median list price and actual value, both in the ballpark of $565,000. This points to an area that might offer larger, newer, or more amenity-rich homes, translating to higher demand and, thus, higher prices.

Conversely, zip code 95202 appears as a bastion of affordability within the city, with the median list price and actual value mirroring each other at around $289,000. This might appeal to first-time homebuyers or investors seeking growth potential at a lower entry point.

The real estate market in Stockton, CA, presents opportunities across a spectrum of price points and lending situations, from traditional home-buying to investment ventures in foreclosure and bank-owned assets. With the average home remaining below half a million dollars, Stockton offers a comparatively affordable Californian locale – especially when juxtaposed with its higher-priced neighboring cities. These dynamics serve as a microcosm of broader economic forces at play and underscore Stockton’s place in the ever-evolving Californian real estate landscape.

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