US Foreclosures

Nationwide, there are foreclosure and foreclosed homes in every state in the country. Economists track the health of the housing market based on many factors, one of which is the rate of real estate foreclosures.

Find US Foreclosed Homes

These are properties that have been repossessed by a bank, lender, or other foreclosing party. The repossession is almost always the result of an unpaid debt. They can often be purchased at a discount at sales or directly from the bank or lender. Use the latest foreclosure listings to locate potential deals for real estate investing or simply in order to buy a home for your family to live in.

RealtyTrac’s national database of can help you find the most updated information on US foreclosures. Remember, not all databases are updated regularly, so using RealtyTrac data ensures you have the best information available.

Market Overview for Forecloseures

State Median Est. Val
New York
New Jersey
South Carolina
North Carolina