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Avoiding Scams in Pre-Foreclosure Deals

How do you avoid scams when you are in pre-foreclosure? We’ve got the info here.

Mark-Anthony VillaflorAug 30, 2023
How Does A Tax Lien Foreclosure Work?

Confused about how a tax lien foreclosure works? We’ve got answers.

Olga RonisAug 12, 2023
The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Foreclosed Property

Learn the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed property and invest in a foreclosure with confidence.

Olga RonisAug 11, 2023
How to Buy REO or Bank-owned Homes at Auction

Learn how to buy REO or bank-owned homes at auction, including where to get the best information for due diligence, using RealtyTrac’s databases and resources.

Manuel MartinezAug 7, 2023
gavel for real estate auction
The Do’s and Don’ts of Bidding at a Real Estate Auction

Learn the strategies for bidding on properties.

Olga RonisJul 14, 2023
A Guide to Home Buying: Tips and Insights

A list of key considerations to bear in mind when buying a new home

Manuel MartinezJun 26, 2023
FED to Act in Moderation When Increasing Interest Rates

The Fed wants to increase interest rates but with moderation and not too quickly. Because the economy is fragile, and they want to avoid a recession

Manuel MartinezOct 11, 2021
How to Negotiate a Purchase Agreement

Are you looking to buy a pre-foreclosure home? Get help negotiating a purchase agreement so you can buy below market.

Manuel MartinezAug 27, 2020
North Carolina Foreclosure Laws

North Carolina Foreclosure Laws

Manuel MartinezJun 6, 2019
The Home Buying Process – From Start to Finish

By understanding the process of buying a home buying, your first home can become a little less overwhelming. Learn about the home buying process at RealtyTrac.

Manuel MartinezApr 25, 2019