Topeka Real Estate Soars with 28% Value Spike Amid Surrounding Cities’ Varied Market Trends

Topeka, Kansas’ rising real estate market has grown from 2023 to 2024: property value has increased with sales volume fluctuations. See out price comparisons with neighboring cities which reveals a dynamic, albeit volatile, market with strong investment potentials.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezApr 23, 2024

Overview of the Topeka Real Estate Market Trends

Topeka, Kansas’ real estate market has been experiencing a noticeable uptrend, with average property values increasing steadily from April 2023 to March 2024. Recent market data shows a substantial rise, starting at approximately $170,000 and reaching nearly $217,000 in a year’s time. This suggests a robust market where the value of homeownership seems to be on an upward trajectory.

Real Estate Report Topeka Kansas April 2024 - Price Per Sq Ft
Real Estate Report Topeka Kansas April 2024 – Price Per Sq Ft

The average sale price per square foot also reflects a slight but positive move from $111 to $112 within the same period. The sale price per square foot is an important metric as it helps equalize the data across diverse property sizes, offering a better apples-to-apples comparison when assessing market trends.

Curiously, the average sold price per square foot, hinting at the premium buyers are willing to pay for properties, started at $139 in April 2023 and, after a minor peak of around $141 in November 2023, settled back to $139 by March 2024. This oscillation implies some level of market volatility but maintains an optimistic trend overall.

One area of fluctuation is in the sales volume. October 2023 saw a peak with 1,595 properties changing hands, indicating a high demand or possibly a culmination of factors such as seasonal buying patterns or economic incentives. However, by March 2024, this number had decreased significantly to 1,251 sales, pointing to a cool down in the market activity or potential external market influences.

To contextualize Topeka’s real estate data, we can compare it to adjacent cities. Silver Lake, for instance, showcases significantly higher average sale prices at about $253,091, and sale prices per square foot standing at $175, displaying a more costly market compared to Topeka’s $192,864 and $139, respectively. This may reflect a different demographic, community offerings, or simply limited availability driving up the prices.

When examining all these variables together, it’s apparent that Topeka’s real estate market reflects a consistent pattern of growth and a healthy investment opportunity, albeit with the natural ebbs and flows that characterize any property market.

Detailed Analysis of Surrounding Cities’ Real Estate Trends

Beyond Topeka’s limits, it’s intriguing to see how its real estate market compares with nearby municipalities. Auburn, with an average property value of $219,000 and average sale price per square foot at $127, seems to run a close parallel to Topeka’s rising market. The city’s average sold price, however, tells a different story at a particularly high $402,099 with a sale price per square foot of $179. This dramatic difference could indicate a market composed of larger or more luxurious homes, or perhaps that Auburn commands a premium due to location or amenities.

In March 2024, Silver Lake presented no listed properties, which might indicate a low turnover rate or a very stable population with little property movement. Despite this, it had 17 properties sold, with the average sold price being considerably high at $253,091 and a substantial sale price per square foot of $175.

Rossville’s statistics indicate no properties listed as of March 2024, with a modest 12 properties sold at an average sale price of $196,222 and an average sale price per square foot of $132. These figures suggest that while the turnover might be low, the city’s market stability is likely quite solid.

Meanwhile, Wakarusa displayed a surprising average property value of a whopping $670,000, substantially eclipsing the other cities we’re examining. The sale price per square foot stands at $165, making it a potentially attractive market for those looking for high-value property investments despite the limited sales activity of just three properties sold.

From this detailed analysis, it’s clear that every city surrounding Topeka has its unique real estate narrative. These variances could be due to the particular characteristics of each locality—such as school districts, proximity to amenities, or economic drivers—that make specific areas more desirable and thus more expensive.

In closing, the collection of data from Topeka and its neighboring cities presents a nuanced picture of the broader real estate landscape. It’s not just the numbers that matter, but the stories they tell about community value, market demand, and the overall health of the regional property investment environment. When observed over time, these trends provide essential insights for potential homebuyers, investors, and policy-makers alike.

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