Wichita Real Estate Market Thrives: Property Values and Sale Prices Soar in 2023-2024

A comparative analysis of nearby cities shows diverse market dynamics in the Wichita real estate market in the first three months of 2024.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMar 22, 2024

Overview of Wichita’s Real Estate Market Growth

The real estate landscape in Wichita, Kansas, continues to show growth with escalating property values over the past year. Key indicators show not only a steady rise in the average property value but also an increase in sale prices per square foot from March 2023 through February 2024.

Wichita KS Real Estate Market Report March 2024 - Home Prices
Wichita KS Real Estate Market Report March 2024 – Home Prices

Specifically, property values which started at an average of approximately $255,000 in March 2023 have crested at nearly $265,000 by February 2024. This upward trend is mirrored in the sale price per square foot, which rose from $146 to $163 in the same period. Such figures are indicative of a strong seller’s market where property values are appreciating, likely due to a combination of factors including limited inventory, strong demand, and economic variables favoring real estate investments.

As we consider the number of properties sold in Wichita, the data reveals a seasonality effect on sales volumes. October 2023 marked a peak in property sales, hitting the year’s high of 3,301 properties sold, which then contracted to 2,477 properties by February 2024. This trend is not uncommon in real estate markets where buying activity tends to be more vigorous during the warmer months of the year and tends to slow down during the winter.

Comparative Analysis with Nearby Cities

When contrasting Wichita’s real estate trends with those of neighboring cities, a varied picture emerges. For example, Maize, KS, boasts an average property value peak of about $323,000 in February 2024, eclipsing Wichita’s average even though they are mere miles apart. Similar comparative growth is seen in Derby, KS, where the average property value soared to approximately $320,000 in November 2023 before seeing a retreat. Significantly, Maize also led with a higher sale price per square foot, at $217, when juxtaposed with Wichita’s $163 in February 2024.

Fluctuations are a hallmark in nearby Haysville, which experienced a precipitous decline from an average property value of about $222,250 to $162,250 between February and January 2024. This kind of fluctuation may reflect localized economic conditions, inventory levels, or even could be a result of a few high-value transactions skewing the average value temporarily.

Notably, the sale price per square foot also varies considerably between these cities, indicative of disparate market dynamics. By February 2024, Derby denoted an average sale price per square foot of $193, Valley Center at $187, and Haysville closer to Wichita’s at $160. The outlier, Andover, KS, topped the chart with an impressive average property value of approximately $419,000 and a sale price per square foot of $234, signaling a premium market possibly driven by factors such as schools, community features, and the type of homes on offer.

Current Real Estate Market in Wichita and Surrounds

As of February 2024, the current state of the market in Wichita continues to shine, with an average property value of nearly $265,000 and an average sale price of about $219,373. Across the board, the price per square foot stands at $163, encompassing a total of 2,477 properties sold. Despite being the lowest sales count within the analyzed timeframe, these figures reflect a stable market, yielding opportunities for sellers to capitalize on their investments.

Looking at nearby cities, the diversity in values and sale volumes tells its own story:

  • Maize, for instance, despite a higher average value, saw only 57 properties traded. Derby revealed an interesting nuance with an average property value at $255,000 but commanded a higher average sale price of approximately $276,339, a scenario that suggests a competitive market where buyers are willing to outbid each other.
  • While Valley Center approximates Wichita in terms of the average property value at about $252,450, it sees a slightly higher sale price per square foot at $187 with 57 properties sold. As for Haysville and Andover, both maintain distinctly different profiles with the latter presenting as a premium market with fewer sales but higher values and sale prices per square foot.

In summary, the real estate market in Wichita and its nearby cities is both dynamic and complex. Various factors account for month-over-month variances and town-to-town disparities. For individuals looking to invest in property within this vibrant region, these trends and figures serve as valuable benchmarks to inform strategic real estate decisions.

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