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How To Stop a Foreclosure via a Short Sale

Learn how a short sale can stop the foreclosure process.

Manuel MartinezApr 26, 2024
A home foreclosure
How to Stop a Home Foreclosure

In this guide, we list the methods that homeowners in financial distress can use to stop foreclosure fast.

Manuel MartinezApr 2, 2024
Common Myths And Misunderstandings About The Foreclosure Process

Learn what is is true and what is myth about the home foreclosure process

Manuel MartinezApr 1, 2024
The Legal Rights of Tenants in Foreclosed Properties

On overview of the essential legal rights that tenants have when residing in foreclosed properties.

Manuel MartinezMar 26, 2024
Understanding Deficiency Judgments in Foreclosure Cases

Gain insight into the complex world of deficiency judgments in foreclosure cases with our comprehensive guide.

Manuel MartinezMar 13, 2024
Beautiful house in the country
The 5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Foreclosed Home

Buying foreclosure homes can be tricky – here are the most common pitfalls to avoid

Manuel MartinezFeb 16, 2024
Short sale
Foreclosure vs. Short Sale: Which is the Better Option?

Short sales homes are an alternative for investors and homebuyers

Victor BemporadJan 26, 2024
Real Estate Owned Homes: A Practical Guide to Buying REO Properties

Have you been interested in REO, or real estate owned, properties? RealtyTrac helps you understand what they are and how can you buy one.

Mark-Anthony VillaflorSep 27, 2023
The Difference Between A Short Sale And A Foreclosure

You know what a foreclosure is. You are familiar with short sales. But what are the true differences between them?

Olga RonisSep 26, 2023
Home with a messy garden
The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Foreclosed Property

Learn the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed property and invest in a foreclosure with confidence

Olga RonisAug 11, 2023