Fort Wayne Real Estate Property Values Increase in 2023

The Fort Wayne, Indiana real estate market showed impressive growth trends in 2023, with property values and prices per square foot showing an upward trajectory, suggesting potential for continued growth.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezFeb 14, 2024

The Fort Wayne real estate sector has been on an upward trajectory. Multiple indicators, from property values to prices per square foot, reflect an ascending trend, with increasing potential for growth and profitability in the market. Property values saw a distinct jump from an average of $180,000 in January 2023 to $219,900 by December 2023. Coupled with an ascending trend in the average sold price per square foot, the landscape in Fort Wayne seems to be thriving under steady and healthy market conditions.

Fort Wayne Indiana House Prices 2023
Fort Wayne Indiana House Prices 2023

Moreover, the average property value shows a generally positive trajectory throughout the year. Prices have seen minor fluctuations, with the average sold price pinging between $200,732 up to $213,273, only to settle around $212,002 by the end of the year. The price per square foot for sold properties has steadily climbed, highlighting a potential Seller’s market where burgeoning demand escalates prices, fortifying the market value.

Fort Wayne vs Indiana avg 2023 price sq ft
Fort Wayne vs Indiana avg 2023 price sq ft

Real Estate Market Trends in Surrounding Areas

Casting the net wider to assess the closely intertwined real estate markets of nearby regions such as Yoder, Roanoke, Huntertown, New Haven, and Hoagland, a diverse picture takes shape. Yoder, for instance, exhibits a substantial leap in average value from $164,950 to a massive $334,900, followed by a dip to $244,750, suggesting possible market volatility or perhaps a skewed sample size. Most consistently, Roanoke displayed steady growth, and Huntertown echoed high average values. In stark contrast, New Haven’s average value depreciated over the year, while Hoagland saw a spike in July 2023 owing possibly to a few high-priced properties influencing the average.

Submarket Analyses

Focusing on the active market in Allen County, median transaction values and per square foot values are all prominently higher than the overall market median values. This suggests a tilt towards pricier properties in the active market. Also worth noting, the recently sold category shows a median sales price of $177,699, somewhat lower than the median active market values, pointing to an average selling of less valuable properties.

Breaking it down further into sub-market trends, the zip code data reveals diverse layers within the market. The most pricey zone is 46814, demonstrating consistently higher values across various metrics. In contrast, the less expensive area is 46803, flaunting the lowest median list price and value. The array of median prices across different postal codes underscores the vibrant variety of the real estate market in this area.


The Fort Wayne and neighboring real estate markets present a dynamic matrix rich with potential for both buyers and sellers. The course of market value, coupled with the intricate web of local factors such as neighborhood desirability and market conditions, makes Fort Wayne a theater of activity in the Indiana real estate space. Crucially, context is vital, and these observations are rooted in data but compounded with additional data points, a more comprehensive picture of the real estate market will emerge.

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