Anchorage Real Estate Rides the Wave of Seasonal Swings: Average Home Prices Crest and Dip Through 2024

This blog offers a detailed analysis of the real estate trends in Anchorage, Alaska – charting fluctuations in property values, comparing adjacent cities, and examining indicators like foreclosures and auctions.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMay 15, 2024

An inhale of frosty air and the sight of the formidable Chugach Mountains clearly define Anchorage, with its unique mix of urban flair and rugged natural charm. Still, while many homebuyers are drawn to the compelling lifestyle Alaska’s largest city offers, the real estate market here tells an even more nuanced narrative.

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In June 2023, average home prices grew to $1,728,000. However, like the ebb and flow of Turnagain Arm’s bore tide, these numbers receded in subsequent months. Anchorage seemed to regain its footing with property values again ascending as we moved further into the latter part of the year.

Drilling deeper into the market’s substrata, the average cost per square foot in the city displayed a mild hike between December 2023 and April 2024. This could signal two potential market behaviors. On one hand, we could be observing a general appreciation in property values; on the other, it might mark a trend towards the sale of smaller, higher-value homes.

As of April 2024, Anchorage hosted an inventory of 93 properties, standing at an average value of $439,900 and an average price per square foot of $240. But, it is worth noting that while the Anchorage housing stock had its allure, the sales figures were the true heartbeat of the market. With a staggering 1,167 properties changing hands, the average sale price settled at $382,989, slightly less than the active market average value, and the average sale price per square foot was noted to be $224.

Comparing Anchorage with Nearby Cities

Venturing beyond the Anchorage city limits, the real estate landscape shifts intriguingly. Our neighboring communities provide a kaleidoscopic view of the region’s market conditions, each reflecting varying levels of activity and valuation.

Indian, AK, appeared to press pause on property sales from March to April 2024, with not a single closing recorded. Nevertheless, it maintained a consistent average value of $578,000 and an average price per square foot of $276 – relatively high figures that suggest Indian’s real estate market may cater to a niche, upscale demographic.

Eagle River, AK, on the other hand, showed signs of a spring awakening, with its average property value blooming from $449,000 in March to $540,000 in April 2024 – a healthy leap. This uptick could be an indicator of an increased demand or a market response to scarce availability. With 15 properties in its April ensemble, Eagle River mirrors a miniature version of Anchorage’s landscape, albeit with its distinct market dynamics.

A sojourn to Wasilla, AK, reflected a marked surge in property values with an elevation from $350,000 in February to $405,000 by April 2024. Despite this surge, Wasilla’s average sale price per square foot stood relatively low at $142, hinting at possibly larger homes being sold at competitive pricing.

Then there’s Kenai, AK, illustrating that not all trajectories lead skyward. Here, from February to April 2024, we see a dip in average value, with numbers descending from $250,000 to $375,000. This suggests a possible saturation point or perhaps a shift in the types of properties being sold in the area.

Understanding Market Data in Anchorage

One notable aspect of the latest housing market trend in Anchorage is the cooling tide indicated by a drop in the average sale price over a 12-month period, from $342,000 down to $329,000. This could reflect a market achieving equilibrium after a period of fervent activity or an array of external economic pressures.

However, examining the consistency of pricing per square footage in the active market, which stood its ground at $225, we glean that despite fluctuations in overall property values, there remains a steady valuation on space.

Foreclosures, often seen as the temperature gauge of economic well-being or distress, tallied up to 80, with a median value at $384,336. Auctions, another segment that can signal investor interest or financial turmoils, were at 68 with a median value of $391,000 and a median price per square foot at $225. Bank-owned properties, typically a residue of foreclosure proceedings, added up to 12 with a median value of $314,000 and a median price per square foot at $212. These figures offer a cross-section of the different layers and health of the Anchorage market.

Reflecting on properties currently for sale, 98 are listed with a median value at $440,000 and price per square foot standing at $225. This indicates a stable asking price close to the average active market value, possibly enticing both buyers and sellers.

Lastly, the recently sold properties, 1,158 in number, had a median value of $384,000, showcasing the recent transactions and serving as a compass for prospective market entrants gauging the real-time value of Anchorage’s real estate.

In sum, Anchorage’s real estate market, though speckled with seasonal fluctuations and varying neighborhood velocities, presents a multifaceted landscape, with the potential to meet a range of buyer and seller expectations.

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