Anchorage Real Estate Market Report April 2024

An examination of the real estate market in Anchorage, Alaska, comparing property values, sales trends, and foreclosure rates with nearby cities to provide a comprehensive understanding of regional market trends.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezApr 17, 2024

In Anchorage, average property values peaked at a $2,995,000 in April 2023, before taking a dip down to $380,000 by November last year. Taking a closer glance at the price per square foot in Anchorage, a climb from $213 in April 2023 to $225 in December 2023 highlights a gradual appreciation of property values in terms of area, suggesting an Anchorage market that maintains a steadfast course with potential for steady growth.

Anchorage Real Estate Market Report April 2024 Prices Per Sq Ft
Anchorage Real Estate Market Report April 2024 Prices Per Sq Ft

However, contrasting the trend of value is the number of properties sold demonstrating a noticeable drop. From 1794 properties in October 2023 down to 1207 properties in March 2024, this presents a potential tapering off in market activity. Whether this decrease is indicative of a cooling market or simply reflects seasonal buying patterns is a point worth considering as we take a broader look at Anchorage’s real estate dynamics.

Comparative Analysis: Anchorage vs Nearby Cities

In Indian, average property value held steady at $578,000 from January through March 2024, and alongside a price per square foot increase suggesting heightened value in smaller properties or a general uptick in the market value.

Eagle River, AK’s market portrayed a notable surge with average property values rising from $449,450 in March 2024 to $689,000 in November 2023. This sharp increase may be a sign of a burgeoning market or the arrival of high-end property developments influencing the average values.

The sale price of foreclosures was $384k and auctions values were $394k, both in-line with the general market performance in Anchorage.

Anchorage’s Current Real Estate Snapshot

Capturing the present moment, as of March 2024, the average value of an Anchorage property is $432,500 with the price per square foot placed at $225. A total of 78 properties are currently on the market with an average sale price of $383,566. Meanwhile, a closer look at properties sold reveals that 1207 transactions have taken place, confirming a busy albeit slightly reduced market activity compared to the previous period.

Zip Median Est. Value Zip Median Est. Value

$ 506,121

$ 225/sqft


$ 1,050,000

$ 260/sqft


$ 403,053

$ 187/sqft


$ 337,100

$ 189/sqft


$ 430,000

$ 276/sqft


$ 426,758

$ 280/sqft


$ 441,906

$ 222/sqft


$ 345,250

$ 207/sqft

The broader spectrum of sales in the nearby cities provides a contextual map of the region’s market. Indian, AK remarkably hosts an average property value of $578,000 but no properties sold, perhaps indicating a stagnation or lack of movement in the market. Eagle River, AK, however, reported 220 sold properties at an average value of $449,450, hinting at a more vigorous market dynamic. Wasilla, AK, with an average value at $385,000, and a solid 82 properties sold, helps cement the notion of a varied yet active regional market. Chugiak, AK and Kenai, AK also contribute to this mosaic with their own unique average values and sold counts.

Lastly, not to be overlooked are the segments of foreclosures and auctions which maintain a steady count and sale price within the Anchorage market. Foreclosures come in at 80 with an average sale price of $384,196 while auctions stand at 71 with a sale price of $394,354. Bank-owned properties, although fewer in number with a count of 9, suggest a slightly lower average value at $352,500.

It’s clear that the realm of real estate in Anchorage and its vicinity is one of nuances, with each statistic telling a part of a much larger story. Whether these numbers denote a transient fluctuation or a long-term trend is the question that both buyers and sellers should consider with care as they navigate through Alaska’s unique property landscape.

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