Foreclosure Overview

Jul 22, 2013 - 1 Min read
Real Estate Expert
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Foreclosure Process and Terms

Learn about the foreclosure process and the opportunities foreclosures present to home buyers and investors, along with useful terms and laws that will help you along the way.

HUD Foreclosures

Home foreclosure process can starts when the real estate owners default on HUD government loans. In this case, HUD forecloses the house and sells them to the general public at a public foreclosure auction.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Foreclosures

Who can buy VA foreclosures? The answer is anyone. Buyers that are qualified, even non-Veterans, will also receive benefit of a VA loan. Get more info about VA foreclosure homes.

Tax Foreclosures

Learn how to take advantage of great real estate deals whether they are pre-foreclosures, Bank owned (REO) or Auction properties.

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