RealtyTrac gives you the best opportunity to find property deals

  • More foreclosures in your neighborhood than any national provider – over 1 million nationwide
  • Owner contact info, loan history, photos, comparables, schools, crime and much more
  • Over 20 unique advanced search filters, including lender and equity searches
  • Daily email alerts, customizable to your preference – be the first to know of new buying opportunities
  • Online training on how to buy foreclosures – including access to our exclusive video series “7 Secrets of Buying Foreclosures”

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say:

Frederic G. - Miami, FL
It’s not brain surgery if you have the underlying data. RealtyTrac provided to me sufficient data that permitted me to identify, and then bid on foreclosed properties at the Clerk’s Sale. My first stab at it, using the RealtyTrac data resulted in me acquisition of a 3,400 s.f. luxury condominium for $592,000. I have the property under contract at $775,000. The net profit, after brokerage commissions, will be roughly $165,000. Not bad for a day’s work.

Mike E. - West Covina, CA
I have been using RealtyTrac for years and find this site to be one of the most useful real estate tools in my real estate tool chest. It is my one stop website for all my needs!

Brad K. - Boise, ID
My wife and I got on the free seven day trial over a year ago. We got the addresses and information on homes in several states. We put offers in on homes in two states. One of the homes the realtors in the area were not even aware was on a short sale list. It took several months to close the first home. The second one on the short sale list took one year and two months to close. Thanks to RealtyTrac, we are now the owner of two homes which gained appreciation immediately as we purchased them at such a low price.