Springfield Real Estate Grows Modestly to $153K Amidst Shifting Market Dynamics Through March 2024

Market report for Springfield, Illinois, with a snapshot of property values, sales activity, price fluctuations, and comparisons with neighboring cities.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezApr 22, 2024

The State of Springfield’s Real Estate Market: An Analysis of Current Trends

The real estate landscape in Springfield, Illinois, has been showing signs of healthy activity, marked by a steady increase in average property values. Drawing from recent data, the average value of properties in Springfield as of April 2023 was $150,000 which escalated to $153,251 by March 2024. This growth in property values underscores a positive trajectory for homeowners and investors alike, indicating a robust market with potential for further appreciation.

On the other hand, the price per square foot, a vital metric in real estate, showed more volatility throughout the past year. The market witnessed a high of $101 in October 2023, which suggests a peak season for real estate activity in Springfield. However, it’s worth noting that there was a dip to a low of $92 in July 2023 before stabilizing at $96 per square foot by March 2024. This fluctuation could be attributed to seasonal market shifts or changes in the types of properties that were listed during these months.

Real Estate Market Report For Springfield Illinois House Prices
Real Estate Market Report For Springfield Illinois House Prices

A wider lens on property counts each month reveals yet another layer of the Springfield real estate market’s complex character. With the highest recorded count at 81 in July 2023 and lows of 59 in several months, the varying number of properties available on the market could be influencing buyer choices and competition levels, as well as impacting overall sales and price metrics.

Turning toward property sales trends, a slight concern arises as the number of properties sold has been on a downtrend. The figures dropped from a high of 1,584 in October 2023 to a low of 1,228 in March 2024. What’s more, the average sale price per square foot indicates a significant reduction—from $64 in January 2023 to $51 in March 2024—a trend that may suggest adjustments in the market toward more affordable housing or a shift in consumer demand.

Comparisons with Surrounding Areas and Potential Market Influences

Looking beyond Springfield to the neighboring cities, there’s a varied performance in property values and sales activity. Chatham, for example, outpaces Springfield with an average property value of $181,900 and a higher price per square foot at $116, as of March 2024. The market also recorded a substantial average sale price of $258,806 despite having a smaller property count, pointing to a stronger market with possibly higher demand.

Riverton and Rochester stand out in their own right, with the latter boasting a significant average property value of $375,000—far exceeding Springfield’s—alongside a high price per square foot of $135. Even though the properties sold in Rochester were fewer, sitting at 48, and sold for an average of $214,135, the larger average property value indicates a potentially more affluent market with luxury properties.

Dawson, though having recorded only a single count of properties, presented a remarkable average value of $235,000 and commanded a price per square foot of $130. This significant average value hints at the presence of premium properties within its market.

On the flip side, Athens, while displaying a modest average value of $169,900 and a lower price per square foot at $84, did not register any sold properties in March 2024. This could be reflective of slow market activity or an anomaly in the data due to other factors such as seasonal changes or external economic elements.

When comparing these nuances, it becomes evident that while Springfield is growing, the pace and nature of its growth are distinct from neighboring markets, some of which show signs of higher demand and more luxurious property offerings.

In summary, the real estate market in Springfield, IL, has been experiencing progressive growth in terms of property values. However, this growth is tempered by fluctuations in price per square foot and a reduction in property sales—a trend that demands a closer examination by stakeholders. When juxtaposed with neighboring cities, Springfield presents an interesting case study of a market with growing potential yet differing characteristics from its more affluent surrounding areas.

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