Fremont Property Market Calms After 2023 Highs; Stabilizes Early 2024 with Peak Median Value at $1.42M

The Fremont, California real estate market experienced considerable fluctuation throughout 2023 and into 2024, with significant peaks and stabilization across various parameters.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMar 1, 2024

Fremont Real Estate Market Overview

The real estate market in Fremont, California, has captured attention due to its unique trajectory over the past year. In May 2023, we witnessed a significant surge in property values, with the median hitting approximately $1.395 million and average sold prices reaching nearly $1.401 million. This period stood out as a peak in the market, reflecting perhaps a high demand or a culmination of other economic variables.

However, as the months progressed, especially from June 2023 towards the early parts of 2024, the market saw a gradual decline. By February 2024, both the average value and the average sold price of homes appear to have stabilized at around $1.199 million. This suggests that the feverish pitch seen earlier in the year simmered down to a more sustainable level, hinting at a normalization following what may have been a period of intense competition among buyers or speculative investments.

House Prices Trend Fremont CA Mar 2024
House Prices Trend Fremont CA Mar 2024

Interestingly, with the median sold price peaking in November 2023 at about $1.42 million before descending to approximately $1.386 million by February 2024, this potentially reflects a responsive cooling of the market. It’s indicative of a shift where buyers perhaps gained more negotiating power or where inventory levels may have caught up with demand.

Market Summary Fremont CA Mar 2024
Market Summary Fremont CA Mar 2024

Price Per Square Foot Analysis

The highest recorded value per sq ft in December 2023 was roughly $852 per square foot, which overshadowed the lower end of the spectrum recorded in January 2024 at about $757 per square foot. Such variations convey the dynamic nature of the Fremont real estate market in response to a myriad of factors including demand, inventory, and broader economic conditions.

Tracking the sold price per square foot presents a similar story of fluctuation, with August 2023 standing out with a high of approximately $944 per square foot. By February 2024, this had receded slightly to roughly $934 per square foot, once again indicating some market rebalancing after earlier peaks.

Inventory and Sales Dynamics

The Fremont housing market is also characterized by its changing inventory and sales volume. In October 2023, the market was particularly active with around 79 properties listed and a striking 1,565 properties sold. This disparity suggests a market where inventory was being absorbed at an incredibly fast rate, an environment usually indicative of high buyer demand and competitive bidding.

House Sales Trend Fremont CA Mar 2024
House Sales Trend Fremont CA Mar 2024

By comparison, the market in February 2024 showed a more moderate pace with 1,395 properties sold. Although this count is not significantly lower than the peak sales month, any downward trend may point towards changing buyer sentiment, potential increases in interest rates, or other economic shifts impacting consumer behavior.

Comparative Analysis with Nearby Cities

Fremont’s real estate market does not exist in a vacuum and indeed, when juxtaposed against neighboring cities such as Newark, Milpitas, Union City, and Pleasanton, we can see striking differences. Pleasanton, in particular, stands out with higher median values and price per square foot, setting it apart as the more premium market in the area. In contrast, the other cities, while still maintaining healthy markets, are more affordable in comparison. These disparities underscore regional economic diversities, local amenities, and demographic trends influencing homebuyer preferences across these locales.

Insight into Foreclosures

Although representing a smaller fraction of the market, foreclosure properties in Fremont including pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank-owned homes offer a perspective on the health of the real estate landscape in Fremont. The presence of such properties reflects the economic realities that some homeowners face and presents an opportunity for investors. The low count compared to the broader market may indicate relative financial stability among homeowners and a potentially less competitive market for these distressed properties.

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