Fort Collins Property Values Climb, Sale Prices Stabilize Amidst 2024 Regional Market Shifts

The Fort Collins real estate market has seen a steady increase in property values and stability in sale prices, indicating a balanced market.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMay 29, 2024

Recently, property values have grown in Fort Collins, CO. As of April 2024, the average listing price in Fort Collins is $636,850, up 6% from $599,900 in November the previous year. Such appreciation highlights the market’s growth over a six-month timeframe. Average sale prices remain quite stable, with April 2024 recording an average sale price of $552,572, compared to $551,330 in December 2023.

Price per square foot also reveals variance across the months, ranging from $261 in April 2024 to a higher $276 in December 2023. This fluctuation could reflect changes in the types of properties sold, such as a mix between luxury homes and more modest dwellings, or possibly shifts in consumer demand influencing pricing.

Comparing Fort Collins to adjacent cities, Timnath has a higher average property value of $845,450 in April 2024, suggesting a pricier neighborhood when compared to Fort Collins. Fort Collins saw 1,718 properties changing hands in April of this year. As we know, seasonality is a common phenomenon in real estate, with summer often bringing an uptick in transactions.

Current Real Estate Snapshot in Fort Collins and Nearby Cities

At the time of writing this report, Fort Collins has an average property value of $636,850 with an average price per square foot at $261. The city holds 283 properties on the market, and the price of sold homes is $552,572, with an impressive average sold price per square foot at $343.

A comparative analysis shows Timnath with an even higher average property value at $845,450 and an average sold price of $724,014, but with a lower price per square foot ($227) than Fort Collins. Laporte, with its small property count of 3, holds the highest average value in this dataset, at an impressive $1,275,000, and a correspondingly high average sold price per square foot at $477.

Looking at Severance, the average property value is more modest at $570,000, and the average sold price aligns closely at $479,000, but it features the lowest price per square foot among these cities at $186. Windsor reports an average value of $819,000 with a corresponding average sold price at $574,896 and average price per square price at $318.

Wellington, meanwhile, presents the most affordable average property value at $470,000 and a very close average sold price at $466,754, with its price per square foot for sold properties at $297. These metrics denote key differences among the locations but point to a more accessible market in Wellington.

The data elucidates regional similarities and variances, equipping buyers, sellers, and investors with a clear picture of each locale’s market status. Fort Collins offers a vibrant market, while nearby cities cater to diverse preferences and budgets, from Timnath’s luxurious offerings to Wellington’s budget-friendly homes.

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