Charlotte’s Real Estate Market Sees Incremental Rise Amidst Fluctuations in 2023

This blog post explores the varying property values and real estate trends in Charlotte, North Carolina and its surrounding areas within a span of a year. The analysis provides insights into median property values, square foot prices, sold properties, foreclosures, market health, and local submarkets.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezFeb 12, 2024

From December 2022 to December 2023, the median value of properties in Charlotte, NC appears to have trended upwards, albeit with notable fluctuations from month to month. The property value reached its peak in June 2023 at approximately $426,000. Interestingly, the property value plummeted to its lowest in February 2023 at about $381,000.

Charlotte NC home prices
Charlotte NC home prices

Though the local real estate market shows signs of variability, there was a slight overall increase in the median home values in Charlotte. Such a trend highlights the potential of a growing market and may encourage both buyers to consider long-term gains and property developers to continue investing in this versatile city.

Property Trends in Surrounding Areas

The city of Charlotte posted an impressive number of sales in July 2023, with approximately 9,710 properties changing hands. This high sales volume could be indicative of an incredibly vibrant market during the summer.

Now, let’s take a look at the property trends in nearby cities from December 2022 through December 2023:

  • Matthews showcases higher average property values relative to Charlotte, peaking in September 2023 at around $565,000. Its consistent trend of higher per square foot value signals a potentially increased demand, possibly attributable to distinctive city features that buyers find attractive.
  • Pineville‘s average values, on the other hand, are typically lower than those in Charlotte, reaching a peak in December 2023 at $463,000. In Harrisburg, we observe fluctuating average values, with a significant high in May 2023 at $550,000.
  • Indian Trail demonstrated an impressive surge in August 2023 when the average property value reached about $600,000. Despite random price changes, Belmont’s real estate market shows relative stability, with small fluctuations and a top value in August 2023 at $450,000.

Analysis of Square Foot Prices

Charlotte NC price per sq ft

Reviewing avg. square foot prices helps us understand property value from another perspective. In general, the price per square foot within Charlotte’s surrounding areas tends to be higher compared to Charlotte itself. Matthews and Belmont, for instance, frequently display more substantial per square foot numbers suggesting a likelihood of increased property value or desirability.

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