Jersey City Real Estate Thrives with Robust Demand and Strong Growth in February 2024

The Jersey City real estate market continues to show robust growth with prices rising to an average of $595,000 per property and $394 per square foot in February 2024.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezMar 18, 2024

Jersey City Real Estate Market Overview

The Jersey City real estate market has been demonstrating a strong and upward trajectory over the past year, echoing the sentiment of resilience and growth often associated with one of New Jersey’s most vibrant urban centers. As of February 2024, Jersey City has witnessed a drop in values but still boasts an impressive average property value of approximately $595,000, signaling a desirable market for both property owners and investors.

Market Report Jersey City March 2024 - House Prices
Market Report Jersey City March 2024 – House Prices

A key metric that stands out is the average sold price per square foot, which now registers at $394 – an indication of the robust demand for space in this bustling city. Interestingly, this value outpaces the average per square foot value for listed properties, which suggests a competitive market where the final sales are commanding higher prices than initially anticipated.

With a dynamic property sold count of 599 in February 2024, the market has cooled off from the peak of 925 properties sold in June 2023. This reduction could be attributed to different factors including seasonal changes, economic conditions, or simply the regular ebb and flow of the real estate market. Nevertheless, the high volume of sales throughout the year illustrates a persistent interest in Jersey City as a place to live and invest.

Comparative Market Analysis with Nearby Cities

Jersey City’s real estate market presents a unique contrast when evaluated alongside nearby cities.

  • Taking a closer look at Hoboken’s February 2024 data reveals an average property value of $799,000 with an average sale price at roughly $777,600, which, despite being higher than Jersey City’s averages, aligns with Hoboken’s known premium market status. Nonetheless, the per square foot value in Hoboken, at a stunning $814.5, far exceeds that of Jersey City, emphasizing a denser demand for Hoboken’s more limited space.
  • Bayonne shows a more modest average property value of $466,950, translating into a slightly higher average sale price of $558,200. This positive sale price-to-list price ratio, coupled with a slight upward trend in sale price per square foot ($288), signals a steady interest in Bayonne’s real estate offerings.
  • A glance at Kearny exhibits an average property value of $489,000, with the average sale price hovering around $453,550. This indicates that properties in Kearny are selling for less than the list price, revealing a different market dynamic potentially ripe for buyers seeking more negotiable deals.
  • Union City differs slightly, with its average property value set at $369,000 and an average sale price significantly higher at about $515,400. This discrepancy indicates a competitive atmosphere where bidding could be driving up the final sale prices.
  • Lastly, Weehawken, with its commanding average property value of $1,174,500 and an average sale price of $1,040,000, represents the high-end slice of the market. This is further evidenced by its substantial per square foot sale price of $508, which although lower than Hoboken’s, signifies a luxury market segment.

Per Square Foot Values

An insightful aspect of the market can be observed through the lens of per square foot values, a vital indicator of property valuation. In Jersey City, the average per square foot value of $394 represents an increase from the average listed per square foot of $359, reflecting not only a sellers’ market but also the competitive nature of property acquisitions in this locality.

Market Report Jersey City March 2024 - Price Per Sq Ft
Market Report Jersey City March 2024 – Price Per Sq Ft

Neighboring Hoboken, although demonstrating stability in per square foot value, continues to lead in this arena reflecting the city’s long-standing reputation for upscale living and premium properties. Bayonne’s and Kearny’s upward trends, while modest, show consistent growth, revealing a buyer’s willingness to invest more per square foot over time.

Union City presents an interesting case where the per square foot sale price ($322) deviates significantly from the listed price ($369), perhaps pointing to a market with varying degrees of negotiation or a shift in the types of properties being sold. In contrast, Weehawken’s significant jump from a listed $636.5 per square foot to a sold price of $508 indicates a potential for considerable value negotiation for informed buyers.

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