2023 Michigan Real Estate Market: Analysis Reveals Booming Property Values and Volatile Sold Prices

Explore the nuances of Michigan’s 2023 real estate market, where rising property values meet shifting sold prices and distressed properties offer investment opportunities amidst a stable yet competitive landscape.

authorWritten by Manuel MartinezDec 8, 2023
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Michigan’s real estate landscape has been as diverse and dynamic as the state’s renowned waterways and urban centers. As we deep dive into the 2023 market trends, notable shifts offer insights valuable to real estate professionals, investors, and potential homebuyers alike.

Understanding Monthly Trends

Throughout 2023, Michigan’s property values saw a progressive upward trajectory with an average value increment peaking before a mild dip in September. While property values burgeoned, the average sold prices began to taper off post-June, touching the year’s minimum in July.

This divergence between property values and sold prices might reflect a market correction in response to buyer demand and lending rates. Compounding this data, the value per square foot also saw comparable growth, marred slightly by a September setback.

Distressed Properties: Foreclosures, Auctions, and Bank-Owned

A closer examination of distressed properties unveils a spectrum of median values. Foreclosures stood at around $171,041, their per-square-foot value marked at $134. Auctioned properties commanded a higher median, approximately $195,445, with square foot valuations at $151.

Active Listings and Sales Performance

Active listings paint a picture of optimism with median list prices hovering around $233,218. Intriguingly, the recently sold properties not only undercut the median list price slightly at about $229,345 but also showcased a higher sales price per square foot.

Overall Market Health

The pulse of Michigan’s overall real estate health resonates with a median market value of nearly $240,657, slightly edging out the complete market median by a marginal difference.

Regional Variances: Wayne vs. Oakland County

Diving into county-level data reveals stark contrasts; Wayne County being the hub of activity with the highest listings yet a lower median pricing scheme.

State-Level Synopsis and Monthly Counts

Across Michigan, property listings hit their zenith in August, whereas October saw the climax of property sales.


The 2023 Michigan real estate market narrative weaves through increasing property values, adjusting sold prices, and a heterogeneous mix of property indices. As we step forward, data continues to be the guiding star for the ever-evolving realm of real estate.

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