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New Fannie Mortgage Recognizes It Takes a Village for Some Homebuyers to Qualify

A new mortgage product will be available to borrowers later this year, one which represents the first step toward recognizing a widespread reality, the fact that many home purchases in America fall outside the outdated norm of one house, one… Read More »

Is It Time To End The 30-Year Mortgage?

For many decades the 30-year loan has been the centerpiece of the mortgage system, but there’s no law in nature which says 30-year financing is required or necessary. Indeed, we could we be coming to the end of an era,… Read More »

Has Equity Sharing Finally Arrived?

Equity sharing has long been touted as the magical solution to every real estate problem since the use of caves. If you want more first-time buyers, additional investment or fewer foreclosures then equity sharing is the way to go. Everyone… Read More »

Zombie Foreclosures Persistent Problem | RealtyTrac Report

Daren Blomquist Chief Zombie Hunter goes over the persistent problem of zombie foreclosures.

Will New Government Protections Produce Fewer Mortgage Hassles?

With tens of millions of mortgages outstanding it might seem as though every possible loan question has been resolved, that the lending system would have an answer for absolutely any situation that might arise. It turns out that’s not the… Read More »

Real Estate Crowdfunding Poised to Re-invent Private Money Financing

The following article is excerpted from the September 2014 issue of the Housing News Report newsletter published by RealtyTrac. Jilliene Hellman founded the real estate crowdfunding website RealtyMogul in 2013, not long after legislation passed making it easier to raise… Read More »

RealtyTrac Launches File Licensing Business for Nationwide Sales Deed, Mortgage and Tax Data

Jamie Moyle RealtyTrac’s CEO and Brian Mushaney Executive Vice President of Data Solutions announce the option to bulk license tax & deed data. For more information visit Data.RealtyTrac.com

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