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Elections, real estate, and the limits of presidential power

Election-year promises are a wonderful thing but it’s best to take such pledges with a grain of salt. The reason is not that politicians lack plans and positions, but rather that election vows often conflict with hard-wired programs that are… Read More »

Private Mortgage Insurance Takes On A New Twist

It’s not too often that an original idea arises in real estate, especially one with obvious benefits for borrowers but now such a thought has emerged, one which may save a lot of homeowners from foreclosure. Most home buyers¬†— especially… Read More »

Are Lower FHA Fees Unfair?

The FHA has a problem: It’s successful. Too successful. Indeed, it’s so successful that some in the mortgage industry say it’s just plain unfair for the FHA to “lower” annual mortgage insurance rates, even though such cheaper rates are likely… Read More »

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