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Is it time to worry about inflation?

Inflation is now on the front burner, an actual worry in some quarters. But is it a real concern or little more than a myth with great energy and lots of hype?

Are property taxes rising too quickly?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is out with a new study and at first glance the news is concerning. “State and local property tax revenues increased nearly 20 percent over the past four years,” said the NAHB headline…. Read More »

Oh No — Is Inflation Back To Ruin Real Estate?

Inflation by some measures may be back and if that’s the case all bets for increased real estate sales are off. “Underlying U.S. inflation appears to be firming despite slower economic growth,” says The Wall Street Journal, “a potentially reassuring… Read More »

Mortgages: Do We Need Inflation?

Real estate needs a pick-me-up, something of a surprise considering that home values remain below 2007 prices and mortgage rates continue to hover around 4 percent. Bargain prices and discount mortgage rates should result in soaring sales but that isn’t… Read More »

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