Photos Now Available for Foreclosures Nationwide

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RealtyTrac recently integrated overhead property photos into its foreclosure search results and property details pages, allowing members to quickly see what a property looks like — from all four sides — while browsing the nationwide database of default, auction and bank-owned real estate.

By matching street addresses with Microsoft Virtual Earth images, these new Rooftop Views provide up to four photos of each property, taken from astonishingly close overhead angles.

Similar neighborhood-wide photos were previously available through RealtyTrac’s mapping interface, but the new photos are cropped down and zoomed in so users can easily identify the subject property. The photos are conveniently displayed on search results and property details pages, giving users the ability to view them while also looking at other relevant property information.

With Rooftop Views RealtyTrac becomes the only foreclosure data service to consistently append photos to properties in all stages of foreclosure nationwide. That means members like you have a significant advantage over other buyers and investors in the market for foreclosures. You’ll be able to get a good sense of the property’s size, condition and neighborhood — key factors in determining value — all from the comfort and convenience of your computer.

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