What Type of Home Do I Live in?

Unless you are an architect, chances are you don’t know all the different structure descriptions for properties. For instance, did you know what a Gambrel house was…without googling it? RealtyTrac thought it may be interesting to show off these different types of housing structures, so now you don’t have to just talk about the weather at your next company get together.

We sliced and diced data from our national property database of more than 25 million single family homes that have a structural description. The top five most common structures in the U.S. are as follows: Ranch Style, Conventional, Split Level, Colonial and Traditional. Now, you may have heard of those above styles, but now comes the conversation starter: some of the least-common structures in the U.S. –but still could be down the street from you — are Cottages, Log Homes, Gambrel, Garrison and Tudor.

Interestingly enough, the structures that are the least common, tend to have the most value. For instance, a Tudor style home like the one listed below, has an estimated value of around $600,000, whereas a Ranch style home goes around $200,000.

What is the description of those styles and what do they look like, you ask? Great question! See some of the styles below with descriptions, and don’t hesitate to contact us at the number below for more information.

Tudor Architecture is a modern-day re-invention that resembles houses build in the 1500s, during the Tudor Dynasty in England. They tend to mimic medieval cottages with prominent cross gables, steeply pitched roofs, tall narrow windows with small window panes.

A Halloween favorite, Garrison is an architectural style with a second story overhang in the front, rectangular side-gables mass, narrow eaves and typically with lapped wood siding.

A Gambrel or Gambrel roof is one of the lesser-known style homes. This type of home is usually symmetrical with two-sided roofs that have two slopes on each side.


Again, these are just a snippet of all the architectural design homes out there, feel free to email or contact us at the number below for detailed information or to find out where you can find these style homes!



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