On the Sunny Side of the States

Things just got tougher for those confused about which is America’s “Sunshine State.” Though the honor officially belongs to Florida, many assume it is California, and now we see they have good reason.

RealtyTrac®, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, has just ranked the 100 U.S. cities with populations over 25,000 that have the most sunny days each year. Ninety-eight of them are in California. The lone exceptions are the Lone Star State’s El Paso and Socorro, Texas.

Leading the list in California, the “Golden State,” are three cities in Imperial County, located in the state’s Southeast corner between San Diego County and Arizona. Reigning as sunny day King of States does come at a cost, as California is now in another drought.

Here are RealtyTrac’s top ten cities with the highest percentage of sunny days.

City  Population  County  % Sunny Days 
Brawley, California 25,271 Imperial 85.75
Calexico, California 38,992 Imperial 85.75
El Centro, California 42,933 Imperial 85.75
El Paso, Texas 672,534 El Paso 80.27
Socorro, Texas 32,402 El Paso 80.27
Atascadero, California 28,634 San Luis Obispo 78.14
Paso Robles, California 30,203 San Luis Obispo 78.14
Goleta, California 30,101 Santa Barbara 78.14
Lompoc, California 42,586 Santa Barbara 78.14
Orcutt, California 30,578 Santa Barbara 78.14

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