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How Much Will An End To Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Cost You?

How does a 20-percent mortgage rate hike sound to you? Or maybe more? That might be the effective result if a new GSE “reform” agreement on Capitol Hill ever makes it through the legislative process. For a very long time… Read More »

Will Shared Appreciation End The Foreclosure Crisis?

Shared appreciation is an idea whose time may have come. Indeed, it may be the only way for the nation’s banks to avoid still-more losses, additional deficits that could total hundreds of billions of dollars. What’s shared appreciation, how does… Read More »

Is The Real Estate Recovery Real?

Housing during the past year has been hot. The National Association of Realtors reports that July existing home prices were 13.7 percent higher than a year ago.

Has The Fed Opened A Black Hole of Debt?

For the past year the American housing market has been looking better. Home prices have increased with new demand while the inventory of foreclosed homes and short sales has declined.

Fed Options Hobbled By Tough Jobs Market & Falling Income

Home prices during the past year have risen significantly but can prices continue to increase? More and more the answer has a lot to do with employment levels and income as opposed to bricks and mortar.

How To Get Discounts Combining FHA 203(K) Loans & Foreclosures

Everyone likes a discount but in the world of real estate discounts have become less common. Home prices have risen sharply in the past year but distressed sales continue to be available with significant write-offs.

Should Housing Prices Be Higher?

The real estate marketplace must be doing well.

Will Principal Write-Offs Increase Foreclosure Discounts?

There’s a new plan floating around in Washington to end the foreclosure crisis. The thought is that we can keep more people in their homes if we reduce the size of their mortgage debt.

The FDIC’s 7 Percent Foreclosure Solution

For the past several months a major experiment has been underway, one which may well suggest how to substantially reduce foreclosure totals.

Can “Appreciation Sharing” Solve The Mortgage Mess?

We’re about to see something new in the mortgage marketplace: The government is going to insure huge numbers of shared-appreciation mortgages, a type of home financing rarely seen in the U.S.

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