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To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

The Dreaded Disclosure. It’s always been an emotional conversation within the industry. How much do I have to disclose about this home or this neighborhood? I want to do the right thing but I do not want to lose this deal. It’s all human nature… Read More »

Hurricanes: A Heat Map

A recent report by RealtyTrac shows that 29 percent of homes worth an estimated $4.7 trillion are in counties with a High or Very High hurricane risk. RealtyTrac identified counties with Very High or High hurricane risk. The hurricane risk… Read More »

Windy Counties: A Tornado Heat Map

RealtyTrac recently reported on the risk levels in natural disasters across the United States. This interactive heap map identifies the counties with Very High or High tornado risks. The top five counties are Wayne County, Michigan ( 821,990), Marion County,… Read More »

Where the Ground Shakes: The Top 5 Counties with High Risk for Earthquakes

RealtyTrac released a recent report on natural disasters. The report identified the risk levels, ranging from Very Low to Very High, in natural disasters across the U.S. Displayed are the counties ranked by earthquake risk. The top five counties with… Read More »

Infographic: Where to Expect an Influx of Legacy Bank-Owned Inventory

Properties repossessed by lenders in the third quarter of 2015 had been in the foreclosure process an average of 630 days, according to new data released today by RealtyTrac. That 630 days was the longest since RealtyTrac began tracking the… Read More »

Flood Risk Heat Map

This interactive heat map, based on a recent RealtyTrac Natural Disaster Report, displays that 43 percent of U.S. homes with an estimated market value of $6.6 trillion are in counties with a High natural disaster risk. The report identified natural… Read More »

Where the Wildfires Are: A Heat Map

A recent analysis of natural disasters by RealtyTrac revealed that 13 percent of homes, worth an estimated $1.8 trillion are in counties with a High wildfire risk. Using a natural disaster risk score to calculate overall risk, RealtyTrac analyzed 2,318… Read More »

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