Top House Prices & Home Values at Pat-Fitzmorris-Rd, Bush, LA 70431

Search for Pat Fitzmorris Rd house prices in Bush, LA, get detailed real estate information on comparable home values, nearby schools, building permits and more.

Street Address Square Feet Bed Baths Est. Value
NA NA NA $213,000
8,292 sqft NA NA $76,000
1,920 sqft NA NA $257,000
2,008 sqft NA NA $198,000
2,352 sqft NA NA $324,000
1,589 sqft NA NA $219,000
2,016 sqft NA NA $78,000
2,240 sqft NA NA $213,000
2,240 sqft NA NA $142,000
2,240 sqft NA NA $104,000
2,720 sqft NA NA $213,000
1,833 sqft NA NA $205,000
2,128 sqft NA NA $193,000
NA NA NA $104,000
1,620 sqft NA NA $123,000
2,141 sqft NA NA $225,000
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