RealtyTrac Unveils New Multi-Sourced National Property Data Warehouse Covering 99 Percent of U.S. Population

Jul 18, 2016 - 5 Min read
Daren Blomquist
Real Estate Expert

New Parent Brand ATTOM Data Solutions Will Curate Enhanced ATTOM Data Warehouse Powering Bulk Data Business,,,

IRVINE, Calif. -July 19, 2016 — RealtyTrac® (, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive property data, today unveiled a new multi-sourced national property database named the ATTOM Data Warehouse that will be curated by ATTOM Data Solutions, a newly created parent company operating a rapidly expanding property data licensing business along with existing consumer websites, and

The new ATTOM Data Warehouse features enhanced and standardized data for more than 150 million U.S. property parcels — representing an expanded footprint that covers 99 percent of the U.S. population. View ATTOM tax assessor coverage heat map and ATTOM sales deed & mortgage coverage heat map. The enhanced data warehouse is more than 9 terabytes and contains 13.9 billion rows of data and more than 6,000 discrete data attributes. Data available includes current and historical property tax assessor information, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, health hazard, neighborhood characteristics, and other property characteristics — all mapped to a unique ATTOM ID for each property.

“The new ATTOM ID is an innovation long-overdue in the real estate data industry, linking all property-centric data from myriad sources to one unique parcel identifier, and it’s just one example of how the new ATTOM Data Warehouse creates value for our customers and elevates our industry” said Rob Barber, CEO at ATTOM Data Solutions. “Under the new ATTOM Data Solutions brand, our mission as a company will continue to be increasing real estate transparency for businesses and consumers. That mission will be carried out in a variety of venues, including bulk file licenses, APIs and customized reports, along with our increasingly popular consumer websites.”

ATTOMIZED data: fast, flexible, never forgets

Construction of the ATTOM Data Warehouse kicked off in 2015 with the addition of newly sourced tax, deed and mortgage data creating a full, national public record footprint. This newly aggregated data — along with an ongoing integration of more than 40 categories of neighborhood and parcel risk data — prompted the development of an innovative data warehouse solution.

“The ATTOM Data Warehouse delivers data to our customers in an exponentially more efficient and flexible format than standard industry solutions that employ decades-old technology,” said Richard Lombardi, EVP and GM at ATTOM Data Solutions. “Along with the unique ATTOM ID, innovations we’ve built into the new ATTOM Data Warehouse include its modularity — giving our clients the ability to pick and choose only the data they need for their business rather than having to ingest an entire massive database in a one-size-fits-all approach — and its ability to never forget vital snapshots of the data at any given point in time.”

ATTOM an early adopter of latest Microsoft cloud-computing technology

Microsoft is featuring ATTOM Data Solutions on its customer stories website as an early adopter of SQL Server 2016 in its cloud computing environment, Azure.

“As an early adopter of SQL Server 2016 and Azure, ATTOM Data Solutions is setting a high bar for the real estate data industry,” said Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director, Microsoft Corp. “ATTOM will be able to take advantage of the unparalleled performance and scale of SQL Server 2016 as well as higher availability and faster disaster recovery using Azure as part of their solution.”

The Microsoft technology supplies the ATTOM Data Warehouse with virtually unlimited horsepower when fulfilling customer requests, according to Richard Sawicky, chief data officer at ATTOM Data Solutions.

“Processes that ran 24 hours on our old platform came back in less than three hours,” he said. “The ability to generate the files much faster, and apply updates more quickly has definitely increased our ability to serve more complicated data sets.”

Customer innovation story: data fueling predictive analytics for investors

The ATTOM Data Warehouse fuels predictive analytics and machine learning developed by Audantic, a Seattle-based company that provides top-tier real estate investors — those typically purchasing about 100 homes a year — with marketing lists of homeowners likely to sell.

“We’ve tried to source national property data from many places, and the ATTOM Data Warehouse is head and shoulders above the rest,” said Franklin Sarkett, CTO of Audantic, which has grown from just two clients in 2014 to now having clients in more than 200 counties. “Without the data we wouldn’t have a business.”

ATTOM’s high-quality data that is easy to ingest has been key for Audantic’s meteoric growth and 95 percent client retention rate, according to Sarkett, who previously worked as a data scientist at Facebook.

“When we’re creating machine learning models, the better the data is, the more predictive the result is. If we’re feeding in bad data or inconsistent data or incomplete data … when we go to do the actual marketing it doesn’t work,” he said, noting the ATTOM data fed through Audantic’s predictive models have produced improved results for clients. “We can eliminate 80 percent of the population and we can double or triple their results.”

About ATTOM Data Solutions
ATTOM Data Solutions is the curator of the ATTOM Data Warehouse, a multi-sourced national property database that aggregates property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, health hazards, neighborhood characteristics and other property characteristic data for more than 150 million U.S. properties. The ATTOM Data Warehouse delivers actionable data to businesses, consumers, government agencies, universities, policymakers and the media in multiple ways, including bulk file licenses, APIs and customized reports.

ATTOM Data Solutions also powers consumer websites designed to promote real estate transparency: is a property search and research portal for foreclosures and other off-market properties; is a neighborhood research portal providing hyperlocal risks and amenities information; produces detailed property pre-diligence reports.

ATTOM Data and its associated brands are cited by thousands of media outlets each month, including frequent mentions on CBS Evening News, The Today Show, CNBC, CNN, FOX News, PBS NewsHour and in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and USA TODAY.

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