ATTOM Data Solutions Launches New Two-for-One Lead Product Featuring Pre-Mover and New Homeowner Leads

Mar 28, 2017 - 3 Min read
Daren Blomquist
Real Estate Expert

Daily Updated Leads Include Expected Settlement Data, Property & Owner Data Appended;
Historical Testing Confirmed Over 60 Percent of Purchase Leads Match to Closed Sale Within 30 Days of the Expected Settlement Date, 76 Percent Match to Closed Sale Within 90 Days

IRVINE, Calif. — March 28, 2017 — ATTOM Data Solutions (, curator of the nation’s largest fused property database, today announced it has launched a new two-for-one lead product proven to identify properties with a high likelihood of selling within 30 days of an indicated settlement date — providing both pre-mover leads (people moving out of the home) and new homeowner leads (people moving into the home). All leads include an expected settlement date and can be provided to clients in a daily feed Monday through Friday, allowing for timely marketing to both the pre-mover and new homeowner.

“Before releasing this new lead product, we performed rigorous internal testing against our nationwide sales deed data to calibrate how indicative the leads were of closed sales transactions,” said Rob Barber, CEO at ATTOM Data Solutions. “Based on analysis of sales data over the past three years, we found that purchase leads are highly indicative, with more than 60 percent of the purchase leads matching to a closed sale even within just 30 days of the identified settlement date provided in the lead, and 76 percent of the purchase leads matching to a closed sale within 90 days of the identified settlement date.”

Leveraging the power of the ATTOM Data Warehouse — which houses national tax assessor property characteristics data along with deed, mortgage, foreclosure and neighborhood data for over 150 million U.S. properties — leads can also be appended with hundreds of fields of information including property and current owner information (i.e. owner-occupancy status, individual owner, corporate owner), demographic information or analytics that empower highly precise targeting for direct marketing campaigns.

Head and Shoulders Above Existing Lead Options

The new ATTOM lead product introduces an innovative alternative for businesses that want to target both pre-movers and new homeowners, and this new alternative stands head and shoulders above existing options such as modeled leads, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) leads and public record leads:

  • Unlike modeled leads that provide an educated guess of homeowners likely to list or sell at some point in the future, the ATTOM purchase leads represent properties currently involved in a real estate transaction and identify an estimated date for that transaction.
  • Unlike MLS leads that have no specific sale date and often are restricted from direct marketing use, the ATTOM purchase leads identify an estimated settlement date and can be used for direct marketing purposes.
  • Unlike leads from publicly recorded sales deeds that are typically available days, weeks or longer after the resale transaction, the ATTOM purchase leads are predictive in nature and available prior to the resale transaction.

The pre-mover leads represent people moving out of the home, and are ideal for moving services companies along with Cable TV, Internet and phone providers, storage facilities and many others.

The new homeowner leads represent people moving into the home, and are ideal for home improvement and home furnishing companies along with local service providers such as auto dealerships, doctors, dentists, alarm companies, pest control providers and many others.

About ATTOM Data Solutions

ATTOM Data Solutions is the curator of the ATTOM Data Warehouse, a multi-sourced national property database that blends property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, health hazards, neighborhood characteristics and other property characteristic data for more than 150 million U.S. residential and commercial properties. The ATTOM Data Warehouse delivers actionable data to businesses, consumers, government agencies, universities, policymakers and the media in multiple ways, including bulk file licenses, APIs and customized reports.

ATTOM Data Solutions also powers consumer websites designed to promote real estate transparency: is a property search and research portal for foreclosures and other off-market properties; is a neighborhood research portal providing hyperlocal risks and amenities information; produces detailed property pre-diligence reports.

ATTOM Data and its associated brands are cited by thousands of media outlets each month, including frequent mentions on CBS Evening News, The Today Show, CNBC, CNN, FOX News, PBS NewsHour and in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and USA TODAY.

Media Contact:
Jennifer von Pohlmann
949.502.8300, ext. 139

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