5 DIY Tips to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

Dec 07, 2017 - 3 Min read
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With so many other houses for sale on the market today and fees for selling the house on the rise, fixing up the house the right way can go a long way in getting the highest possible offers. Regardless of the selling price, the realtor takes a cut, there will be attorney fees, taxes, and possible repair bills. Getting the maximum dollar amount for your home means you will get to keep more money once everyone takes their share.

These are 5 DIY tips to help increase the value of your home:

1. Improving Curb Appeal – It might come as a surprise to many homeowners that potential buyers are driving by their house all hours of the day. The internet makes it easier for these folks to find houses for sale, so they drive by when it is convenient for them. If the curb appeal of the house is less than inviting, many potential buyers cross that house off the list assuming the inside is cared for as little as the outside. When you are trying to get maximum dollar for the house, cleaning up the exterior is a must.

Start by focusing on the landscaping. Trim the trees, edge the driveway and sidewalk, cut the grass, plant new flowers, and mulch around trees. Rent a power-washing tool to scrub the driveway, sidewalks, gutters, fence, and patio. Installing a sprinkler system will instantly add value to the home and give the new homeowner less to do to maintain that beautifully landscaped exterior.

2. Transform the Patio Space – Once a potential buyer is inside the house, they begin to imagine what it would be like living there. Give them a reason to want to spend some quality time with family and friends outside by transforming that dated patio area. Trash all that rusty patio furniture, you can find new pieces cheap at local yard sales. If the deck is worn out, rent equipment to sand the surface, then apply a few coats of stain to give the wood new life.

Although your family may not have used this space, it might be the selling point for a new buyer. Place some potting boxes around the deck with new flowers to give the area some color and a fresh new look.

3. New Paint Means New Look – It really is incredible what a new coat of paint can do to a room. Painting is the least expensive way to give the entire house a fresh look. Regardless of your taste, if you are selling the house, you have to start considering what the buyers are interested in. Neutral colors are in order because it appeals to a mass audience. Begin by painting those rooms that haven’t seen new paint in decades.

Head outside and give those shutters a fresh new look, and use bright white paint to touch up all the weathered trim along the exterior of the house.

4. Bathroom & Kitchen Improvements – The two rooms that will be used the most by the new homeowners are the kitchen and bathroom. New appliances instantly add appeal to a dated kitchen. Box up all that clutter in the cabinets and counter-tops, this makes the kitchen look bigger and allows the new homeowner to imagine all their accessories easily filling up those spaces.

Discontinued tiles cost pennies on the dollar, but they can help to transform the back-splash behind the stove or completely redo a dated bathroom shower.

5. Energy Efficient Improvements – The smallest changes can often have the biggest impact in the minds of potential buyers. When you focus on energy-efficient improvements, the buyers imagine how much potential money they could be savings for many years to come. Natural lighting, solar panels, timing systems for sprinklers or lighting, low-flow faucets and toilets, and Star rated appliances, all help to sell the fact that the new homeowner will be paying far less than they are used to for utilities.

Many of these improvements are things green-conscious buyers have on their checklist already, so this could make the decision to choose your home easier for them.

These 5 tips for helping increase the value of your home can be tackled one at a time and will help the buyers connect with your home on an emotional level once they see everything up close.

Author Bio:

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Crawlspace Depot. He regularly produces content for a variety of home improvement blogs, with an emphasis on DIY projects.

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