Golden, CO Bank Owned Homes

Discover REO properties and bank owned homes for sale in Golden, CO. View property value and details, images, tax records, loan details and more. Golden, CO bank-owned homes are properties owned by banks. These properties tend to sell for less than market value in most markets. Real estate investors may find these homes by searching for the term, “Golden, CO REO Properties” as well. REO stands for “real estate owned,” and REO real estate is just real estate owned by a bank or lender.

Information About Golden, CO REO Properties

You can buy bank owned homes in Golden, CO by working with someone in the loss-mitigation department at a bank or other lending institution. You can also review local listings of Golden REO homes. Some banks require buyers to work with an agent, while others may work directly with you. This may also depend on whether you want to buy the property using a short-sale transaction or simply purchase the home at a discount from the bank’s REO inventory.

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