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Find and secure your next investment property easily and quickly. An undervalued property is a great way to start building your real estate portfolio. With RealtyTrac you can achieve your real estate investment goals. Browse our vast inventory of homes for sale, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, auction properties, and bank-owned homes - all in one place.


    Detailed information about each property makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs,


    Rent, fix and flip, wholesale - we'll walk you through the options so you can make the right choice.


    Use our calculators to figure out what property will give you the highest ROI.
  • Investment Strategies

    Choose the Way You Invest

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    Long-term Rental

    Calculate your return of investment on long term rentals

    Figuring out if a long-term rental is the right investment can be confusing. Our Long-term Rental calculator will help you think through the variables, estimate the costs, and determine whether this is the right option.

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    Unique Access to Affordable Homes


    Browse Pre-Foreclosure Homes and Real Estate

    When a homeowner misses a mortgage payment, this is considered a Pre-Foreclosure. Some owners see the writing on the wall and put their homes up for sale at this point. Since this type of property is not officially in Foreclosure, buyers can negotiate with the bank to buy the house at a discount. Pre-foreclosures usually have less competition to purchase since they are often not widely known.
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    Design for property investors

    Industry Leading Tools To Help You Choose the Right Investments

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    Real Estate Investment Tools

    Become a better real estate investor with many tools to assist you on your journey. Analyze trends, estimate costs, and make investment decisions.

    Investment calculators, in-depth property details, and a wide variety of property types all help you grow your investments.
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    Fix & Flip
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    Buy to Rent

    Investment Resources

    Real Estate Guides

    Become a better real estate investor with our home buying guides

    Market Trends

    The latest real estate trends and statistics in the US

    News & Advice

    Read news about the foreclosure and real estate markets

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    Investment Portfolio

    Create Your Own Property Investment Portfolio

    Save your homes and property searchers to start building your own real estate investment portfolio.
    • Shortlist investment opportunities in your area
    • Create custom searchers to find the right home for you
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    Learning Center

  • There are Three Key Stages in the Foreclosure Process—Which One Will Help You Maximize Your Investment?

    The secret to success in the flourishing foreclosure market starts with understanding the difference between three key stages: pre-foreclosure, auction, and bank-owned.

    Unlock the answers to this question and make the most of your investment strategies

  • Flipping vs Rental Investment: Which is the Smarter Choice

    As an investor, should you invest in a rental property or fix-and-flip a home? Many people credit real estate with being a key component of their investment strategy. Investing in a […]

  • Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Searching Foreclosures

    Foreclosures can hold serious potential — especially for investors looking to fix-and-flip or rent out the property for a profit. But searching through foreclosure listings isn’t like buying a traditional […]

  • Why Buying a Foreclosure is a Smart Move

    Foreclosures get a bad rap, as if there’s something foreboding waiting to descend on the next homeowner. But that’s not the case; they’re just the product of a difficult financial […]

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