Live Life Cleaner; Move to One of These Counties

With Earth Day right around the corner, RealtyTrac wanted to find out where the most earth friendly counties resided. Analyzing various datasets including percent of good air quality days, the percent of people who walk to work, and then the best counties based on affordability.

It’s no surprise that good air quality is a great way to gage how friendly a county is being to the environment. Topping the list is Monterey, California with 99.2 percent of good air quality days and then Shasta, California (99.2 percent) nipping at the heels while Kent, Rhode Island (99.1 percent), Cass, North Dakota (99 percent) and Saint Lawrence, New York (99 percent) are close.

State County Population % of Good Air Quality Days
California Monterey        428,826 99.2%
California Shasta        178,980 99.2%
Rhode Island Kent        165,035 99.1%
North Dakota Cass        162,829 99.0%
New York Saint Lawrence        111,963 99.0%

*Only looked at those counties with a population greater than 100,000

In keeping with air quality, RealtyTrac gathered data on the percent of people who walk to work. It’s no surprise that New York, New York far exceeds the national average with 20 percent of people walking to work, while Suffolk, Massachusetts (13.8 percent), Tompkins, New York (13.6 percent) our Nation’s capital Washington D.C. (11.9 percent) and Hampshire Massachusetts (10.6 percent) trail behind.

State County Population % of People who Walk
New York New York    1,626,159 20.0
Massachusetts Suffolk        755,503 13.8
New York Tompkins        103,617 13.6
District of Columbia District Of Columbia        646,449 11.9
Massachusetts Hampshire       159,596 10.6

*Only looked at those counties with a population greater than 100,000

After reviewing the above earth friendly factors, RealtyTrac then narrowed down the list factoring in affordability, where walking to work was greater than 3 percent, and the air quality was the greatest to come up with a top 10 list of most earth friendly counties:

State County Population % of People who Walk % of Good Air Quality Days 2015 Pct of Median Income to Buy Median Priced Home (10% Down)
New York Oswego        121,165      5.1 96.4% 11%
New York Saint Lawrence        111,963      5.3 99.0% 11%
New York Niagara        214,249      3.2 91.5% 12%
New York Broome        197,534      4.5 95.6% 13%
New York Oneida        233,585      4.3 96.2% 13%
Pennsylvania Beaver        170,115      3.4 93.6% 13%
Georgia Richmond        202,003      3.1 95.3% 14%
Pennsylvania Erie        280,294      3.3 92.6% 14%
Michigan Ingham        282,234      5.9 91.7% 14%
Maryland Baltimore City        622,104      6.8 93.4% 14%

*Only looked at those counties with a population greater than 100,000

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