Thinking Out of the Box Helps Sell Homes Fast

To be able to successfully flip a home takes more than just buying a property, fixing it up and putting it up for sale. Doug Clark, co-host of Spike TV’s “Flip Men” has been a trendsetter in his market. It’s the extra special things he does that have helped him flip his homes fast.

For Clark, it is all about creative thinking and doing things that other investors aren’t doing in the market that have made all the difference for him. Everything from using hard money to leverage a larger portfolio of homes when others were staying away from hard money, to staging homes to help buyers envision what the home could be, it’s creating a different mindset for potential buyers that has worked for him.

Dealing in entry level homes in Utah with an average price of around $100,000, Clark was adding a few extra touches to the homes that have since become staples for investors wishing to flip their properties as quickly as possible.

“I give something for everybody that’s pennies on the dollar that my competition doesn’t have,” Clark said.

In the video below, Clark discusses some of those little extras that cost him nothing more than a little extra time and money that have paid off big time for him.

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