25 Markets Where Flipping Homes is Most Profitable

Flipping  homes — buying, rehabbing and reselling for a profit usually within about 90  days — will likely become more favorable for investors in 2013 as home prices  are expected to continue climbing. And while buying  homes as rentals still offers a solid rate of return in many markets, even  buy-and-hold investors typically flip properties periodically to fund their ongoing  rental purchases.View recording of Foreclosure Flipping 101 Webinar with Spike TV’s Flip Men.

RealtyTrac  selected the top 25 markets nationwide where flipping single family homes  offers the highest rate of return based on the flipper’s gross profit — the  difference between average original purchased price and the eventual flipped  sales price of a flipped home. Search potential  flipping opportunities in your neighborhood.

To  create the list, we looked at more than 600 metro areas nationwide where flips  of single family homes occurred in 2012. We counted a flip as a situation where  a sale of home occurred within six months or less of the previous sale of the  same home. From the 600 metros we first narrowed it down to metros with at  least 500 flips in 2012, and then to metros with at least a 9 percent annual  increase in home values between the first quarter of 2012 and the first quarter  of 2013. From that universe of markets we selected the top 25 based on the  gross profit as a percentage of the original purchase price.

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