New York’s New Breed of Penthouses

While secluded scenery and large plots of land may be the markers of success in the rest of the country, in Manhattan, there’s simply no symbol of having achieved your dreams like owning sky-high reality in one of the city’s premier penthouses. For those in the market for dream real estate in the city that never sleeps, living the high life means paying a pretty penny for incredible  amenities, outdoor space, and, spectacular views.

Buyers looking for uptown estates should set their sights on luxury developments such as, 432 Park Avenue and 11 East 68th Street, both of which offer the royal treatment for a royal price tag. The Marquand, at 11 East 68th Street, is designed by award-winning architects Sheldon, Mindel & Associates. At this condominium, prospective buyers can find themselves at home in one of the building’s two “mansion” penthouses, which boast over 6,000 square feet of space on three floors, in addition to 2,000 square  foot terraces with soaring views of the city. The price tag for these primo pads? $43 and $46 million, respectively, according to

At 432 Park Avenue, prepare to double that figure for access to fantasy living. The penthouses in the Rafael Viñoly-designed tower, which, at 1,396 feet, will be the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. 432 Park Avenue offers owners  access to fitness facilities, private dining, and amazing apartment add-ons, including private wine cellars and storage space. If money is no object, get your checkbook ready as recently announced that the newest penthouse on market is listed for $95 million.

If your tastes tend to favor the laid-back lifestyle that comes with downtown living, this new entrant into the luxury market is sure to suit your needs. At 30 Park Place, residents will not only  live in style, but they’ll be catered to by Four Seasons staffers in this  unique luxury condominium building with services by the Four Seasons hotel. Rising 80 stories in air, homeowners at 30 Park Place will not only get to indulge their inner Eloise through the magic of hotel living, they get to do it in style with what will surely become one of the most exclusive buildings in downtown Manhattan.

For those hoping to call Tribeca home, 56 Leonard has duplex penthouses that are sure to please. The 60-story skyscraper, which  boasts its own yoga studio, a conference center, a private theater, and more outdoor space than most Manhattanites will ever see, also holds another distinction when it comes to their top-tier apartments: one of the building’s peerless penthouses just set a record for condo prices downtown, drawing in $47 million.

The high price tags of New York’s most desirable real estate are a testament to the captivating nature of the city itself. While the multimillion-dollar price tags on these little slices of heaven may cause some buyers to balk, others find these castles in the sky more than worth it. Whether you’re paying $900,000 or $90,000,000, New York’s rare beauty guarantees nothing will last long in this town.

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