How Real Estate Agents Can Leverage the Shifting Distressed Housing Market

After being inspired by opening remarks from the incomparable Alex Charfen, I had the chance to present some of the latest housing market trends to real estate agents attending Charfen’s annual Breakthrough conference in Phoenix last week. I included tips through the presentation on how the agents could leverage the shifting distressed housing market to their advantage.

I also encouraged questions, comments and feedback throughout the meeting and certainly got a plethora of that. Hands were shooting up all over the audience like the the syncopated water fountains I saw children running through to escape the Phoenix heat during my lunch break. The questions and comments got so fast and furious that finally a rebel group of agents shouted down the questioners — with a friendly sort of shouting — so that I could move on with my slides. If nothing else, I can say that these agents who are members of the Charfen Institute are highly engaged and highly passionate about their business.

How Real Estate Agents Can Leverage the Latest Distressed Market Trends from RealtyTrac

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