Finding Distressed Listings in 2013

I presented the slideshow below at REOCON 2013 Summit in Dallas earlier this week and thought it would be beneficial for many others than those who were able to attend the show.

Of course you won’t get to enjoy the insightful and witty comments made during the course of the presentation, not to mention the pure joy of witnessing my pound-the-pulpit style of speaking. But maybe the data here can speak for itself.

Finding Distressed Listing Leads in 2013 from RealtyTrac

My presentation lasted an hour, so this is a substantial set of slides with a lot of data, which I know that many of you will enjoy. For the rest of you, who may want to just pick and choose from different parts of the presentation, here is a brief table of contents:

1. Where & Why Foreclosure Starts are Surging (Slides 8 through 17)

2. Patterns in Pre-Foreclosure (Short) Sales (Slides 18 through 21)

3. Short Sales Moving Further Upstream (Slides 22 through 27)

4. When & Where REOs May Rebound (Slides 28 through 33)

5.  Patterns in REO Sales (Slides 34 through 37)

6. Analysis of Foreclosure Inventory (Slides 38 through 52)

    1. Estimated absorption rates (Slide 44)

    3. Foreclosure inventory by metro (Slide 45)

    5. Foreclosure inventory by market value (Slide 46)

    7. Foreclosure inventory by square footage (Slide 47)

    9. Foreclosure inventory by year built (Slides 48 through 50)

    11. Foreclosure inventory by lender (Slides 51 and 52)

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