Foreclosure Heat Map Overlaying Congressional District Map

The folks at Patchwork Nation, a reporting project that maps different American communities, have created this great map of foreclosure activity by Congressional District nationwide.  

The foreclosure rates are based on zip code level data that RealtyTrac provided to Patchwork Nation, which was launched as a Christian Science Monitor Project by Dante Chinni and Prof. James Gimpel to cover the 2008 election and has since taken on a life of its own, mapping all sorts of demographic, economic, religious and political data in America.  

In an insightful blog post today about foreclosures and the upcoming election, Chinni points out the much of the anger evident in the electorate is “driven by foreclosures.” He points out that many of the congressional districts that have seen a rise in “tea party meetups” in the last four months are the same ones that have some of the highest foreclosure rates. These districts tend to be comprised of demographic communities that Patchwork Nation categorizes as “Booming Growth.” 

RealtyTrac Senior Vice President Rick Sharga and Chinni were both guests on the PBS NewsHour last night, discussing the intersection of foreclosures and politics.

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