Where Do the Children Play?

Last year the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted the songwriter who rhetorically asked, “Where Do the Children Play?” This year, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens got his answer in a report from RealtyTrac®, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data.

The new study ranks U.S. zip codes with populations over 5,000 that have the highest percentage of residents age 5 and under. The data is based on 2012 statistics compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here are the top ten neighborhoods. And, in case the Hall of Famer now asks, “What is the Average Median Value of the Properties Where the Children Play?,” RealtyTrac offers that information, too.


Zip  City, State  Population  Under 5  2014 Median Property Value 
08701 Lakewood, New Jersey 91,423 17.6% $272,246
84005 Eagle Mountain, Utah 21,106 17.0% $217,801
84045 Saratoga Springs, Utah 17,043 16.9% $267,723
10282 New York, New York 5,507 16.8% $1,612,962
45232 Cincinnati, Ohio 6,672 16.8% $76,813
80238 Denver, Colorado 10,217 16.6% $476,362
33973 Lehigh Acres, Florida 11,406 16.1% $172,459
70734 Geismar, Louisiana 7,249 15.9% $232,710
62201 East Saint Louis, Illinois 7,205 15.9% $64,193
76704 Waco, Texas 8,135 15.8% $58,276


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