Weathering Change: ‘A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall’

With our climate setting more records than an Olympic medalist, professionals in real estate and housing need to know where changing weather patterns require changes in lifestyle or construction.

Rainfall totals seem especially fluky, but a just-released RealtyTrac alert based on figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), provide hard data on where the hard rains are gonna fall.

The top 50 counties where you’re most likely to get soaked, based on data from 2007 to 2012, are in coastal areas, first in the northwest and then the southeast.

The first four, all in Alaska, have been getting between 95 and 155 inches annually.

Here are the Top 20 counties.

County                                               Annual Rainfall in Inches

Ketchikan Gateway, AK                              154.1

Yakutat, AK                                                   119.8

Petersburg, AK                                             95.8

Sitka, AK                                                        95.8

Skagit, WA                                                    83.3

Whatcom, WA                                               83.3

Prince of Wales-Hyder, AK                        77.2

Wrangell City and Borough, AK                77.2

Kodiak Island, AK                                        75.3

Clatsop, OR                                                  70.0

Pacific, WA                                                   70.0

Wahkiakum, WA                                          70.0

Grays Harbor, WA                                        66.6

Mason, WA                                                   65.3

Hoonah-Angoon, AK                                  64.3

Juneau, AK                                                   64.3

Mobile, AL                                                     64

George, MS                                                   64

Coos, OR                                                       63.3

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