Top Snow Counties in America

RealtyTrac examined the 2007-2013 annual snowfall data for all U.S. counties from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to arrive at an average of the annual inches of snowfall.

Counties in Alaska took the No. 1 and 2 spots followed by three in Vermont to round out the top five. Alaska’s Haines County topped the list at 181.6 inches (over 15 feet), followed by Yakutat county Alaska (179.8), and Franklin county Vermont (165.1). See complete list below.

RealtyTrac provides additional environmental-related neighborhood metrics, such as average monthly temperature. In addition Realtytrac reports on probability of natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and hail.

Rank    County                                                              Annual Inches of Snowfall

1          Haines County, Alaska                                                                 181.6

2          Yakutat County, Alaska                                                                179.8

3          Franklin County, Vermont                                                            165.1

4          Lamoille County, Vermont                                                            165.1

5          Orleans County, Vermont                                                             165.1

6          Grant County, West Virginia                                                         158.2

7          Hardy County, West Virginia                                                        158.2

8          Mineral County, West Virginia                                                      158.2

9          Pendleton County, West Virginia                                                  158.2

10        Tucker County, West Virginia                                                       158.2

11        Alger County, Michigan                                                                155.9

12        Luce County, Michigan                                                                 155.9

13        Schoolcraft County, Michigan                                                       155.9

14        Teton County, Idaho                                                                     150.0

15        Teton County, Wyoming                                                               150.0

16        Crawford County, Michigan                                                         140.3

17        Kalkaska County, Michigan                                                         140.3

18        Oscoda County, Michigan                                                            140.3

19        Union County, Oregon                                                                  139.8

20        Delta County, Michigan                                                                127.5

Reference: NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, average annual amount of snowfall county by county, average 2007-2013.

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