Population Trends: Where the Elderly Concentrate

Although our concentration may wander somewhat as we get older, one fact is getting clearer: by moving to areas that offer better care, tailored activities, and more people our age, we will live healthier, busier, and happier lives.

A recent RealtyTrac report reveals that the trend is clearly impacting national demographics.

The concept has been improving life for the elderly since the first non-profit senior center opened in San Francisco in 1947. Florence Vickery founded the San Francisco Senior Center with the understanding that a facility offering recreation and support would save seniors from isolation.

Vickery’s vision came midway through a century that, according to the National Institute on Aging, saw a “dramatic increase in average life expectancy” from 1900, when a newborn would likely not live past age 50, to the end of the 20th Century, when your baby might still be voting in the 2080 election!

With the increasing number of octogenarians, RealtyTrac looked at data within the 2012 Census to find just where those age 85 and older are concentrating.

The resulting report reveals that, of all U.S. zip codes with a population of 500 or more, Floral Park, New York boasts 30 percent of its nearly 2000 residents are 85 or older. Right behind that is Laguna Hills, California, which also takes the top spot among zip codes with 10,000 residents. On that list of higher-populated communities, the entire Top 20 is in just four states: Arizona, California, Florida and New Jersey.

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