Millennials: One Generation in a Million

The last time an age group could legitimately be named ‘Millennials’ was 1000 AD and innovation around the globe had given that younger generation longbows (Wales), bars of soap (Arabia), toothpaste (China), and something essential to life support for today’s Millennials, pizza.

Our Millennials, born from 1977 to 1992, got the name by reaching adulthood around the year 2000.

Their musical, marital, and marketing habits will be inspiring studies for generations, but a new report from RealtyTrac answers the basic question: Where are they? With data gathered through the 2013 American Community Survey, when Millennials were between the ages of 21 to 36, RealtyTrac has located the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) around the United States where Millennials comprise the highest percentage of the total population.

Below are the 10 MSAs where they are most concentrated. For the complete report, or any questions on this or our many other datasets, please contact our PR Department directly at


Rank  Metropolitan Statistical Area Population % of Millennials (2013)
1 Jacksonville, North Carolina 176,461 35.12%
2 College Station-Bryan, Texas 227,843 33.01%
3 Ames, Iowa 89,734 32.99%
4 Stillwater, Oklahoma 77,125 32.54%
5 Morgantown, West Virginia 129,888 30.24%
6 Gainesville, Florida 264,853 30.24%
7 Statesboro, Georgia 70,360 29.91%
8 Ithaca, New York 101,570 29.91%
9 Hinesville-Fort Stewart, Georgia 79,151 29.88%
10 Columbia, Missouri 173,426 29.66%

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