Data Points: Target Atlanta, Georgia

Of the U.S. states with women’s names, Georgia is not one of them. Instead, it is named for England’s King George II back before it became the fourth state in 1788. In another irony, “Georgia on My Mind,” its state song since 1979 thanks to native son Ray Charles’ hit version, was inspired by the sister of songwriter Hoagy Carmichael, not about the state.

Atlanta, the state’s capitol, was originally named for a woman. Back in the 1840s it was called “Marthasville” after the daughter of a former governor. The current name came in 1847, perhaps by rail, as the generally accepted credit for coining the term goes to J. Edgar Thomson, chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad. It may be a modification of Martha’s middle name, Atlanta, though that is also unclear.

RealtyTrac®, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, recently did its part to get data points for the Peach State capitol. These details come from its research on median home sales prices and its Homefacts website.

The population of 443,768 enjoys sunny days for 60 percent of the year, and 89 percent of them have Good Air Quality. Average temperatures are just above 62 degrees, with average annual rainfall just over 41 inches.

For fun facts, the data shows that 30 percent of the Fulton County seat’s population is between 21 to 35 years old, and on average can own a home for less than $200,000.

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