Data Dive: Best Cities for Taking the Plunge

With 5.06 million pools, and nearly 6 million hot tubs, California was the Association of Pool and Spa Specialists’ top state for swimming pool ownership in 2013.

Recently, RealtyTrac dove deeper into the data and found that beneath California’s shimmering statewide totals, the ten cities with the highest number of homes with pools are, on average, in Florida and Arizona, with a couple surprising exceptions.

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, St. Petersburg and Pompano Beach lead the list with Hollywood and Valrico, Florida and Tucson and Gilbert, Arizona filling in the final four. There in the middle, and sure to bring a smile to Midwestern shoppers, are Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Columbus, Indiana.

Here is RealtyTrac’s list of Top Ten cities for properties with pools.


Rank City, State
1 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
2 Miami, Florida
3 St. Petersburg, Florida
4 Pompano Beach, Florida
5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6 Columbus, Indiana
7 Hollywood, Florida
8 Tucson, Arizona
9 Gilbert, Arizona
10 Valrico, Florida

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