Appreciating and Depreciating: Homes of the 1970s

The same way people carry the tastes and attitudes of their formative decade, cities are shaped by the prevailing architecture, landscaping, and even building codes of the era in which their most significant growth occurred.

A new report by RealtyTrac®, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, finds the U.S. zip codes with populations over 1,000 with the highest percentage of condos, townhouses, and single-family residences built in the 1970s.

That decade, which came to represent ugly fashion, garish décor and bad hair almost as soon as it ended, nevertheless left its stamp on many communities in the form of lasting structures. In a section of El Paso, Texas, more than 93 percent of its properties are vintage 1970s.

The list leaders are predictably in neighborhoods that came of age during the decade of Watergate and disco. They include parts of California’s Irvine, San Jose, Sacramento and West Covina as well as Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here is RealtyTrac’s Top Ten list:

Zip  City, State 1970-era Properties  Total Properties 1970s %
79935 El Paso, Texas 3,649 3,906 93.42%
92604 Irvine, California 7,414 8,460 87.64%
95139 San Jose, California 1,870 2,160 86.57%
77031 Houston, Texas 2,429 3,170 76.62%
74146 Tulsa, Oklahoma 2,044 2,695 75.84%
42501 Somerset, Kentucky 4,474 6,011 74.43%
60484 University Park, Illinois 1,349 1,886 71.53%
91792 West Covina, California 4,632 6,640 69.76%
95119 San Jose, California 2,017 2,898 69.60%
95827 Sacramento, California 3,268 4,828 67.69%

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