Vacation-home owner misunderstands tax break

DEAR BOB: A friend owns a vacation home at Lake of theOzarks in Missouri. She said if she sells, she has 45 days to buy another pieceof property, perhaps a condo in Florida, before she owes tax on her profit. Isthis correct? –Sue E.

DEAR SUE: No. Your friend is mistaken. She should consulther tax adviser.

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Unless she is selling a rental property, which can qualifyfor an Internal Revenue Code 1031 tax-deferred exchange, she will owe capitalgain tax on her sale profit. There are no special tax breaks for the sale of anonrental vacation property.


DEAR BOB: You often discuss partition lawsuits where oneco-owner wants to sell but the other co-owner doesn’t. Does a judge have togrant permission for the partition lawsuit to force the sale of a property? Ifso, when one co-owner wants to buy out the other co-owner, might the judge denya partition sale and allow the purchase by the co-owner? –Mark S.

DEAR MARK: A judge doesn’t have to grant a partition lawsuitbrought by a property co-owner. But they usually do, even when a majority ofthe co-owners don’t want to sell.

Of course, a judge can grant a continuance for one co-ownerto buy out another co-owner. Anything can happen in a trial court.


DEAR BOB: What are your views on investing in commercialreal estate, compared to residential properties? I just read something aboutthe ease of renting commercial properties where the leases last for many years,instead of a year for apartments and rental houses. Would commercial propertiesbe too complicated for a new investor? –Karen C.

DEAR KAREN: I recommend rental houses because they are soeasy to buy, finance, manage, and profitably resell. Having owned commercialand apartment properties, I find single-family rental-house investing to beeasier and more profitable.

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